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Recommended winter sale has started with up to 90% off selected PC games till Dec 11, 2016 annual Winter Sale begins with hundreds of deals and even some gifts, including a free copy of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition at 2 Dec 2016

The Winter Sale starts with countless deals and bundles, and it’s worth checking back for news and new offers added every day

Earn XP for every dollar spent, for checking-in daily, and for collecting badges all throughout the sale.

Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition – 48hr Giveaway! While Neverwinter Nights garnered a cult following on release, it’s the Premium Modules – expansions often compared to Baldur’s Gate & Planescape: Torment – that elevated the game to legendary status. Now you have 48 hours to claim this celebrated Dungeons & Dragons classic in its definitive edition, complete with all official expansions and digital goodies, the official soundtrack, map, manuals, and more.

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, now is the time to treat yourself!

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