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Mr. Beams 70% Off Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlight 24hr Promo Till Dec 25, 2015 2359hrs

Get Mr. Beams MB702 Wireless Motion-Sensing Mini Stick-Anywhere LED Nightlights, Small, White, 2-Pack at 70% off with Amazon UK’s 24hr Gold Box deal of the day at

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Mr. Beams 25 Dec 2015

  • Bright LED light with minimum power consumption. Each LED nightlight runs on 4-AAA batteries. Contains Two (2) MB700 Light Fixtures.
  • Motion sensor turns LED-light on and off automatically only when motion is detected. Activates only during darkness to conserve energy.
  • Wireless stick anywhere LED light with 15 lumens.
  • Motion detection at up to 10 feet.
  • Compact motion sensor LED light. Sticks easily to walls, in bathrooms, and on staircases using included double sided tape or screws.

The Mr. Beams Wireless LED Mini Stick Anywhere Light offers a simple solution to lighting any area inside your home.

The light’s compact design makes it versatile enough to be used as a nightlight in hallways and bedrooms or as a cabinet light for dim cupboards. Beaming with 15 lumens of bright light that cover 10 square feet, the Mini Stick Anywhere Light has motion and light sensors so it only turns on when it detects motion after the sun goes down and turns off automatically after 20 seconds of no motion, prolonging the battery life. Expect at least 30 hours or about one year of light on one set of batteries.

Don’t trip on any steps or dig for lost toys anymore with the Mr. Beams Wireless LED Mini Stick Anywhere Light. This mini light can be installed anywhere in the home and provides light wherever it’s needed.


  • Items: £7.49
  • Postage & Packing: £11.40
  • Total before VAT: £18.89
  • VAT: £0.00
    • Order Total: £18.89 (~US$30 / CAD$40)

Other terms and conditions apply.

Sales on till Dec 25, 2015 2359hrs. Visit for more info

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