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How To Turn Off iPhone’s Edge, 2G & 3G Internet

Apple iPhone 4 Courtesy of Apple If you don’t have a luxury of an unlimited or a data plan with a huge amount of data allowance, chances are that you are incurring unnecessary data charges while you are outside and out of Wi-fi range.

Folks using prepaid cards on the iPhone or are on a severely limited data plan will also find this feature a great money saver.

To prevent the iPhone from accessing your mobile provider’s internet network, many sites would advise you to switch to 2G. While this does slow down the speed, it still incurs cost.

The fastest and best way is to go to Settings > General > Network and then turn Cellular Data to off.


iPhone4 Network SettingsOnce that option has been switched to off, the iPhone will not be able to connect to your mobile service provider whenever you require internet access. You will encounter error messages such as Safari’s “Cellular Data is Turned Off – Turn on cellular data or use Wi-Fi to access data” when you try to do so.

Some apps will either refuse to function without a working internet connection or work erratically.

Let us know in the comments if it works for you, especially on older phones as this was only tested on the iPhone 4.

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