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Corsair K95 rgb platinum sucks. My review after one month of usage

I just got this keyboard and am typing with it now.

After nearly 1 month of usage.

First, some keys when pressed, tended to double press. Very irritating. A combination of accessibility options Filter  Keys, Bounce  keys a nd slow keys reduced the problem. Especially irrtating when I delete a Outlook mail via DEL key, a nd the DEL key enters twice! Deleted two mails!

Notice the extra spaces in the s entence above and this? Yes, the space bar. Highly annoying when t yping. And I am using Cherry Brown, the r ecommended for typists.

And when I called the distributor, they insist that I s how them the problem which is random. Forget it.

I’m selling t his. There’s no refund policy in  my country.

Regret.  No  more mechanical keyboard for me.

But. The macro keys are very cool and highly customisablee

There comes another problem. Sometimes the  special key assigned to do a macro downright refuses to work  in the game. Imagine  this happening in the middle of the battle.

Uninstalling Corsair composite virtual input device and rescanning for devices fixed it. Disabling and enabling the keyboard  doesnt work.

And yet sometimes, the e ntire keyboard refuses to work when  I resume from Standby or hibernate.  I forgot how I fixed this problem but a restart always does the trick


UPDATE: Just reverted back to my Dell membrane keyboard and it feels a lot different. Noticable differences are that the K95 is very angled while the Dell is flat. But no problem with keys now. The saying “once you go mechanical, you will never go back” may not be true for me.

UPDATE #2: Much less problems with my Dell keyboard. Getting used to the flatter layout and harder-to-press keys. I also recall Ctrl and Shift keys being stuck with my old RGB keyboard.

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