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How to Import Keyword Searches (From Internet Explorer) into Firefox

If you use the Internet Explorer SearchURL facility, here’s a quick guide on how to import the entries to Firefox.

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There should be an easier way, but this is just a fast way when I was transitioning from IE to Firefox

This was tested in Windows 7 64-bit

Note that the steps below may be very technical, but this is how I did it

  1. Export the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl registry key into a REG file
  2. Start a fresh virtual machine (same OS as your current one – I used Win7 32bit) and import the keys. No Internet connection is required
    1. Alternative: Use another machine which never had Firefox installed as the prompt does not seem to appear if Firefox has been installed before
  3. Test the search keyword in IE and make sure the Search Keywords work
  4. Install Firefox 3.6
    1. During installation, it will prompt you to import IE Favourites. This is the only place you can do this and you should proceed to.
  5. Finish the installation
  6. Firefox Bookmarks will now have a “Keyword Searches (From Internet Explorer)” folder
  7. Delete unncessary bookmarks and seperators to save time in the next step in Firefox Bookmarks Organiser.
  8. Export the bookmarks as a HTML file in the Firefox Bookmarks Organiser
  9. Locate the value for LAST_MODIFIED=”XXXX” and replace accordingly below
  10. Find and replace the file in your favourite text editor excluding quotes
    1. FIND
    2. REPLACE
    3. FIND
      1. </A>
    4. REPLACE
      1. “>shortcut</A>
  11. Note, there may be a erraneous replacement in the main header such as “Keyword Searches (From Internet Explorer)”. You need to restore that line as it was for the HTML to be valid
  12. Save And import the file into Firefox

All bookmarks will have a name called shortcut. Let us know if there’s an easier way

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