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Our MiniInTheBox Shipping Experience To Canada

Recently I shipped some items through MiniInTheBox to Canada, taking advantage of their Expedited shipping promo – which appears to repeat in an infinite loop.

The items looked cheap, but it turned out that there were more to it. We ordered LED bulbs, an iPhone 4 Gevey Turbo unlock kit, iPhone cable and some custume jewellery.

The order total came to about US$48, after applying the $4 discount code here

Miniinthebox 23 Oct 2013

Later I realized that it was shipped via DHL and was happy. As promised, it reached us within 3 days. The tracking was very detailed too

However, another item was shipped via Sweden Post and has not reached us and it has been over 6 days.

When the DHL courier guy came, we realized that we had to pay about CAD$28 worth of customs duties and taxes including a CAD$10 DHL processing fee and many other items we did not understand in the invoice issued.

Most of the items appear to be working fine. However, the Gevey Turbo unlock kit was weird as the chip itself did not fit in the tray that was included. No instructions were included either. I had to cut the SIM with scissors to fit it within the tray. In the end, it did not work for our locked iPhone 4

For folks ordering from to Canada, do take note that what you pay on the site may not be the total. If you ship via Expedited shipping, you could end up paying more for the premium courier services.

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