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12 Simple And Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Common Pests That Invade Your Homes

The summertime is when common pests are known for invading your home. And it does not matter whether they are insects or rodents. They wreak havoc for one reason or another. In fact, many people dread the summer for this very reason when spring hits. Sure the nice weather will be a nice change from the cold winter, but the price you pay is dealing with insects.

12 Simple And Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Common Pests That Invade Your Homes

Fortunately, there are easy ways to get rid of insects, and let’s go over 12 easy ways to get rid of common household pests.

Keep Sealing Gaps

Look outside of your home. Are there gaps in the bricks? Are there gaps underneath doors and windows? If you see them, caulk them or hire a professional to do so. That is how many common pests crawl into the home and if there are no openings, they cannot get in.

Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

Having firewood for the summer (and winter) is what many homeowners like to keep around if they want to have bonfires in their backyards. However, the problem with that is that firewood is very attracted to pests. The best thing to do is if you decide you want to have a bonfire on a particular day is to wait to get the firewood then.

Keep Certain Herbs Around Your Home

Rosemary and sage are powerful herbs that repel many pests such as mosquitos. Keep them by the entrances of your home and they will not want to go near it. But it has to be fresh for it to be the most impactful.

Replace Or Repair Screens That Are Torn And Old

Are your window screens torn and old? You may want to replace them if the frame is also no good. However, if the frame is still intact, you can repair them easily. But the issue is if the screens are torn, they have openings which will allow pests to come into the home.

Vinegar Works

One thing that helps deter pests such as ants is vinegar as you can make an easy solution to keep around your home. Take one-quarter of vinegar and two cups of water with 10 drops of peppermint oil (or eucalyptus oil) and put it into a container. Place the container by your entrance (or have some prepared) and those pests will stay away.

Examine Your Weatherstripping

Could your issue with pests be because of the weatherstripping being worn down? If so, then pests will get in. You will want to make sure it is in working order. If it is not, then it is time to replace it.

Onions Repel

Onions repel pests as well. Especially spiders. Yes, it may be an old wives tale but it does work. Cut up some onions and put it in a bowl of water, and place it by your entrances, and then you won’t have a pest problem anymore.

Use Copper Mesh To Plug Holes Up

Are there holes in your basement in the walls or in other areas? Copper mesh is a good solution for keeping them out. Take a screwdriver and push the copper mesh in. When you do, leave half of an inch in the hole so you can allow foam sealant to expand which will keep the pests at bay.

Use Baffles To Keep Squirrels Away

If you have bird feeders, you may have had issues with squirrels getting into them. What you can do is use baffles or any type of cone to attach to the feeders or the poles. That will deter squirrels from coming in.

Coffee Grounds Have A Great Use

Those pests cannot stand the smell of coffee which is why you will want to use leftover coffee grounds in areas near the entrances of your home. The smell deters them away and this may be one of the easiest solutions to keep pests at bay.

Seal Pet Food Containers

If your pet’s food containers are open, then that is another way that pests can be attracted and turn into a home infestation. Keep these containers sealed up and seal them up well. That will keep the pests at bay.

Check The Dryer Vent

You need to check to see that the damper in the dryer vent is not stuck open or broken. You will want to see if the seal between the wall and the vent is tight so that house pests can be kept at bay.

If you use these tips to keep house pests at bay, then you will not have an infestation issue. But you want to nip it in the bud before the pests start coming in.

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