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Detox Your Armpits, But First, Read This

Detox Your Armpits, But First, Read This

Armpit detox is a thing, and it’s gaining popularity fast. After all, your armpits are one of the dirtiest areas in your body, as they’re always humid and shady, literally. The question is, can you really detox your skin? And is it worth it?

Here’s all you need to know about detoxing your armpits and a few ways you can achieve it. Yes, your body needs maintenance, and keeping it clean and free of toxins is something you should keep in mind every day. Get ready to enjoy the cleanest armpits you’ve had!

Things to do before detoxing your armpits

Before looking for ways of detoxing your armpits, let’s talk about how to avoid it. Clean armpits need no detoxing, which means that you only need to make some changes in your hygiene habits.

Commercial deodorants have many chemicals, perfumes and other stuff that eventually accumulate in your armpits, causing problems down the line. Use a natural deodorant made with all-natural ingredients, and you’ll notice healthier armpits in no time. Sadly, the term ‘natural’ is not regulated by the FDA or any other organization, so don’t trust every item labeled as natural.

Using detoxing masks

Now, if you feel the need to detox your armpits thoroughly, there are several armpit masks on the market that can help. These treatments often have an acidic element that helps eliminate even the sturdier bacteria (responsible for the foul smell) and detox agents such as bentonite clay that literately leaches out any foreign chemical in your armpits.

Specialized creams and armpit masks are designed to do two things, eliminate fungi and bacteria and remove residual chemicals, more often than not left there by your deodorant. Keep in mind a smooth, shaved armpit is easier to detox than a hairy one, so consider that before applying any product.

Make your own armpit detox remedy

You need not buy expensive armpit detox masks and cream to maintain adequate armpit health. Several homemade remedies can work just as well. Dampen a clean towel with apple cider vinegar and apply it to your clean armpits for a few minutes, for example.

Almost all bacteria and fungi responsible for smelly armpits will not withstand a highly acidic vinegar wash. Combine this with standard healthcare, and you’ll notice a significant decrease in smell. It will also help if you use natural soap and deodorants instead of commercial stuff.

Detoxing is not a thing, sorry

And although yes, there are ways of keeping your armpits clean and controlling the very many microorganisms living in them, you’re not really detoxing your armpits. That’s not really a thing. The only thing that detoxes your body, in other words, eliminates harmful toxins, is your liver, and it does its job very well.

No, chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants don’t make your armpits toxic, and they don’t cause cancer either. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your armpits clean and aiming to achieve balance with the bacteria that unavoidably live there.

Keep those armpits clean!

Okay, so you can’t really detox your armpits, but you can keep them clean and the bacteria in there under control. It would help if you let your armpits breathe a little as well. Use sleeveless blouses and t-shirts now and then, and let your armpits dry entirely after taking a shower before you put on some clothes.

Don’t overdo beauty products and perfumes in your armpits and use reputable natural alternatives when possible. If all the above fails, and you still feel your armpits need a thorough cleanup, talk to a skincare professional and see what he has for you!

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