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Do You Wash Your Face In The Shower? You May Want To Stop If You Do

Do You Wash Your Face In The Shower? You May Want To Stop If You Do

When you go into the shower, do you take a rag with you for the purpose of washing your face? If you do, you are not alone. Maybe you have a special soap or cleansing formula that you use as well for your face which you also take with you in the shower. Why not? You could get your washing done all in one shot. That makes sense so you do not need to wash your face again for the day, especially if you shower in the evening.

However, perhaps what you have been doing has been more detrimental than helpful. That is because you should not wash your face in the shower even though it seems counterintuitive for you not to do that. Let’s talk more about why washing your face in the shower is a bad idea.

Washing Your Face In The Shower Is Bad For The Skin

If you use hot water in the shower as most people would, that can be bad for your face. Research done on exfoliation shows that you should not do it too often. If you shower and wash your face in hot water, you are unknowingly causing stress to your skin which is not any different from frequent exfoliation. When you wash your face in the shower, the high pressure from the showerhead can cause the capillaries to break, in addition to the hot water. That is because your blood vessels can be opened too wide by hot water and that can worsen or even cause conditions such as rosacea. Therefore, if you wash your face in the shower too often, you will end up having broken blood vessels that are also permanently dilated and that will ruin your complexion and it is simply bad for your skin. That can also hasten your aging skin.

What if you have been washing your face in the shower for centuries? Chances are, your skin is ruined by it even if you cannot tell. If you were to see a dermatologist, they would confirm that being the case for you. Of course, there are remedies to help fix your complexion and even heal your skin. However, your blood vessels will always be damaged even if you are able to find the right remedies for your complexion to improve it.

However, the bad news does not just end there. If you wash your face in the shower, you are not only breaking your blood vessels. You are also drying out your skin as the pressure from the showerhead and the heat will strip away the natural moisturizer from your skin. However, if that is the case, wouldn’t the rest of your body also be suffering from a lack of natural moisture for that reason? The answer is yes. That means you need to change the way you shower as well.

What Is The General Rule Of Thumb When You Are Taking A Shower?

You already know that washing your face in the shower is not recommended. However, taking long and hot showers is also not good for your skin. You will want to shower long enough to get yourself washed up and cleaned in lukewarm water. You can put it on a slightly higher setting than that if lukewarm is too cool for you. However, don’t spend more time in the shower than necessary as too much exposure to it can also cause problems for your skin.

When it comes to washing your face, the best thing to do is to wash your face right after getting out of the shower. This way, you don’t need to worry about having to do that after dressing up and drying off completely after your shower. Therefore, you are still, in a way, killing two birds with one stone even if you are not washing your face in the shower. You do not want to do that anymore.

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