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Scientists Reduce the Age Of Human Skin Cells by Making Them Act 30 Years Younger

Scientists Reduce the Age  Of Human Skin Cells by Making Them Act 30 Years Younger

Wouldn’t it be a dream to keep your youthful skin and at the same time remove the diseases that happen, such as Alzheimer’s in old age? Just imagine the idea of never being self-conscious because of having youthful skin. Imagine not having to worry about lines and wrinkles. This has nothing to do with cosmetic surgery being less invasive and cheaper. In fact, the discovery that scientists have made about keeping human skin youthful would put out the business of so many cosmetic surgeons because scientists have discovered a way to bring you the “fountain of youth,” in a sense, anyway.

Scientists Have Found A Way To Reset The Age Of The Skin Cells

When it comes to resetting the age of the skin in terms of specific molecular measurements, scientists have found a way to reverse 30 years of aging. The research for this is still in its early days, and there is a long way to go before they need for cosmetic surgery is not needed when it comes to removing lines and wrinkles and bringing back youthful skin.

However, even though this discovery and research are still in their early days, it is hopeful that it can not only reverse aging skin but also can undo a lot of damage to your body that happens over time, such as wear and tear, which can be the cause for some types of arthritis.

The research is notable because the scientist was able to reprogram skin cells to be biologically younger while maintaining the function that made them skin cells initially. The process continues after the work of Shinya Yamanaka, that was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Yamanaka had the ability to convert normal cells into stem cells that would turn into any body part. However, the only issue with that is the cells do lose their identity.

There is another method known as transient maturing reprogramming, which works faster, whereas it matures in 13 days versus 50 when Yamanaka and their scientists were developing stem cells. And the maturation phase stops before it reaches the stem cell phase, which allows the cells to keep their original function and identity.

Many measures, such as the transcriptome, which are the genetic readings created by cells, and the epigenetic clock, which are the chemicals that show age, were utilized to show that the skin cells had been reset in biological age by 30 years.

Collagen Is What Keeps The Skin Youthful

The key component in your body that helps keep your skin youthful is collagen, which you have an abundance of when you are young. However, you make less collagen when you are 30, which is what causes your skin to age from thereon. And you need collagen to keep your skin youthful but also to help heal wounds. The collagen helps to keep the elasticity in your skin which is what keeps it plump and youthful. But once the collagen is not made as easy as you age, then your skin loses elasticity, and therefore, you begin to develop lines and wrinkles.

During the stage of reprogramming skin cells, the scientists were finding that more collagen was being made which is also what was helpful for keeping the youthful feature. That was rejuvenating the cells. Therefore, since scientists are finding ways to reverse skin age, then there is hope that they can begin to reverse other ailments. However, since there are so many age-related ailments, it will take a very long time for scientists to begin tackling them. This is the first step in the right direction when it comes to reverse aging, however.

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