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Studies Found Out Why SuperAgers In Their 60s Are Have Brains Like 25-Year-Olds

Studies Found Out Why SuperAgers In Their 60s Are Have Brains Like 25-Year-Olds

It is expected that someone in their 60s and older would experience memory loss of some sort and that has nothing to do with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Losing your memory and struggling to learn new things as you age is expected to happen. However, there are some people in their 60’s who not only remember events and other things very well, but they also would be quite sharp to go to college because they would learn everything being taught to them. That is definitely the exception and not the rule. However, there are some “superagers” out there who have the minds of 25-year-olds. And it is always mind-blowing to see them as their memories stay sharp. How is it possible to have their memories so intact? There has been some research conducted on this matter.

The Findings Of SuperaAgers And Why They Have The Brains Of 25-Year-Olds

The initial findings in this matter have a lot to do with the personalities of superagers. You may also see these superagers like the things that those in their 20s like such as fashion style, music, and trends. These individuals may be very good when it comes to technology too. That means if you see those in their 60s and older on TikTok with their own platforms, there is a good chance they are superagers. That is an example of how you can spot them. They are more youthful in general, and others see them as “hip”. Their “youthful” and “hip” ways can definitely play a role in why they have the brains of those in their 20s.

There were also other studies showing that it boils down to genetics. If you had a parent or a grandparent that was a superager, then there is a chance that you could become that way as well. However, because these individuals appear youthful also does not mean they have healthy lifestyles that they are living. In fact, it is also possible that their maturity levels are on par of those in their 20s so they would have no problem with eating unhealthy meals along with sugary drinks. Therefore, if one goes to a restaurant, instead of ordering a healthy dish, they would be more likely to order a dish consisting of a burger and fries, and having a sugary pop like Coke or a beer. What about the findings in the brains of these superagers? Let’s talk more about that.

Brain Scans Found Key Reasons Why The SuperAgers Brains Are Youthful

Some brain scans found that those who are superagers still have plenty of brain volume, unlike their peers who are beginning to lose memory and cognition because of normal age-related memory loss. The reason for that is their neural networks are age-resistant as some structures in their brains are not shrinking and are also shrinkage-resistant. That does not mean the superagers don’t lose volume, but it happens at half the rate of most individuals as they age. Studies conducted on superagers doing certain tasks also showed that categorizing visual stimuli was easier for them compared to their peers who aged expectedly. The bottom line is that the brains of superagers appeared youthful and it is still unknown as to why. As mentioned, genetics play a role but there must be other factors playing a part as to why superagers are the way they are.

It is one thing that their peers who are losing their memories because of age are envious of, but that also does not mean they are necessarily healthier than they are. There still needs to be more studies conducted on this phenomenon and why it is a thing!

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