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What Happens To Your Body When You Get An MRI

What Happens To Your Body When You Get An MRI

Whenever you are dealing with an ailment that needs extra imaging such as causes for arthritis, then your doctor will recommend that you get an MRI, which is known as magnetic resonance imaging. If you have claustrophobia, there are open MRIs that you can use, or it just will not be feasible at all for you if your claustrophobia is severe. However, if you aren’t claustrophobic or you can manage it with sedatives, doctors prefer that you do because they can get a good look at your body and what is happening to it. However, you will want to be aware of what happens to your body when you get an MRI.

You Can Tell By The Name Of The Diagnostic Tool That It Uses A Strong Magnetic Field

MRI machines use powerful magnetic fields that involve radio waves, as well as a computer so it can develop an image of the inside of your body that is quite detailed. You can also have an MRI for body parts such as your head for a brain scan. What happens is that the hydrogen atoms in your body are realigned temporarily by the magnetic field. That is because the radio waves cause that to happen by sending out weak signals to realign them so they can create the images that the doctors need to see. That is why MRIs are powerful when it comes to helping doctors see what is happening in soft tissues that CT scans cannot detect. Doctors will only order an MRI if the condition you have cannot be seen through a CT scan.

A CT scan doesn’t have the same degree of magnetic fields which is why doctors cannot see as well with them when it comes to examining soft tissue. MRIs can find many issues within soft tissues such as the brain, joints, as well as the spinal cord. The MRI will be able to pick up tumors, aneurysms, strokes, problems with the structure, as well as abnormalities within the soft tissue. However, there is a caveat for those who want to get an MRI.

Patients Who Undergo MRIs Are Unable To Have Metal Pieces

You will be asked to take off any jewelry, watches, or belts if you are going for an MRI. That means you cannot wear any metal due to the magnetic field used by the machine. That also means if you have certain tattoos, the same applies if a metal is used. That also means you are unable to get an MRI if you have metal implants such as peacemakers, metals used for knee or hip replacement, or cochlear implants. If you do end up having an MRI with any metals, then the magnets can cause problems.

What Happens If You Have An MRI Done If You Have Metal

Several things can happen if you have an MRI with metal, and one is that you can become injured. Secondly, the metal can become damaged. Therefore, you will end up with serious pain if you have a pacemaker if you have an MRI, and the pacemaker could become destroyed. That is why it is essential that you do not get an MRI if you have a pacemaker or other metals implanted.

You also cannot have an MRI if you have kidney disease as the dye used can cause a serious kidney condition. Getting an MRI during pregnancy is also not recommended at all. Even though there is no radiation, an MRI causes the body temperature to rise. Therefore, that can cause stress on the fetus. Other tests can be performed if an MRI cannot be done for one reason or another.

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