When You Drink Champagne Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

When You Drink Champagne Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

Who does not want to have a refreshing glass of champagne every now and then? That adult beverage is associated with celebration and who does not want that in their lives? You go to a fun event where you are celebrating a big affair such as a wedding or a major milestone birthday party, or a New Year’s party – and you have to have a glass of bubbly to enjoy the fun. But did you ever consider the idea of having a glass of champagne on a daily basis? Yes, that means having a glass of bubbly on ordinary days where there is nothing to celebrate – and even on terrible days when you would think it could not be over fast enough as the evening approaches.

And if you like champagne anyway, does it really matter whether you drink it at a fun event or on a rough day at home? It shouldn’t. You will also want to learn about why you would want to consider just doing that! Yes, that is right. Drinking champagne on a daily basis provides you with some key benefits! However, it also has some downsides as well. Let’s first talk about the benefits a glass of bubbly can provide for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Drinking Champagne Daily?

Did you ever consider that the reason Queen Elizabeth II is doing very well at the ripe age of 94 is because of the fact that she drinks a glass of champagne every night before going to bed? You probably didn’t even know she drinks it. However, she does. And studies have found that champagne contains properties that can help lengthen your longevity. And there were reports of residents in care homes who are living up to a ripe old age crediting their longevity to drinking champagne on a daily basis.

In fact, according to research that was conducted at the University of Reading, it was said that if you drink two glasses of champagne daily, you will end up helping to promote circulation. That means champagne does wonders for your functioning of the blood vessels. The reason for that is that champagne contains properties called polyphenols and what they do is keep the removal of nitric oxide from the blood slow which gives it a chance to focus on the blood vessels. And in addition to that, it promotes blood circulation. This can only help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. It has also been said that your risk of developing Alzheimer’s is lower too if you drink bubbly a day.

However, those are great things that the bubbly can provide for you. However, you will want to be aware of the downsides as well.

If You Drink Champagne Daily, It Can Expand Your Waist Size

You have to remember something. Champagne may have good properties to help you live longer and to help ward off many common ailments that are associated with aging. But, each glass of champagne has calories. And if you take in too many calories, then you will gain weight. Even though champagne has fewer calories than wine, which would be 84 a glass compared to 121 with wine – you still have to keep in mind these are empty calories.


And there is another consideration as well. You can become tipsier quickly after drinking two glasses of champagne. This means your appetite will spike and you will be craving high-fat foods. That is where the problem really lies when it comes to drinking champagne on a daily basis. Now, if you are tough with yourself and square away those calories simply for the champagne – and you make a conscious decision before drinking the champagne to not give in to the ‘drunchies‘, then you will be fine.


However, when you are tipsy, your logical side disappears and you will give more into your instinctual side. And that is not the only problem presented by drinking champagne daily. It can have a negative impact on your teeth as well.

Tooth Decay And Dental Problems Can Result From Daily Champagne Drinking

Champagne is full of sugar, acid, and carbonation and this can do a number on your teeth and gums. This means if you are a frequent champagne drinker, you will want to see your dentist regularly and look for abnormalities in regards to your gums as well. And even if your gums appear normal, you will find that your teeth will become more sensitive. Excellent dental hygiene is essential if you plan to drink a glass or two of bubbly a day.

Therefore, you see the pros and cons of drinking champagne daily. If you can manage the issues such as your weight and your dental health, then you will do a great thing for yourself by drinking some bubbly daily!

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