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Women Stress Over These 12 Odd Body Details For No Reason

Many women struggle with self-esteem over their appearance all because they see these models in the magazines who look ‘perfect’ in their eyes. Therefore, they examine their own bodies and feel quite ashamed that they don’t measure up. Hollywood has been dangerous when it comes to women and self-esteem. Therefore, there are 12 strange body details that women have that models in magazines don’t show, and mostly it is due to photo editing – because even the models have these. Let’s go over these body details that upset women a lot which are normal:



Cellulite is a collection of fat on the upper thigh and most women have it despite their weight and height. It is natural and there is no shame in having it because it is actually not normal to not have it. If models would embrace their own cellulite, then perhaps these women would feel less self-conscious about it.

Legs That Are Not Perfectly Aligned

Many women worry that their legs are not straight enough and that is why they often cover them with long pants, a long skirt, or a dress. However, even models know that having straight legs is not a thing to worry about since Kate Moss admits that she has bowed legs. The type of legs you have should be the determining factor of the type of shoes to get that will help you walk straight.

Ears That Protrude

Women often worry that their ears look like Dumbo and the thing they often do is grow their hair long to conceal them or to keep them hidden under headgear. However, models and celebrities also have protruding ears and if you take a careful look, you will see them too. Everyone’s ears protrude to some degree.

Large Feet

Large Feet

Here is a fact. After women give birth, their feet become larger permanently. Even for women who have never had kids, their feet can become large. Even many models who have large feet embrace them and women, in general, should embrace their large feet as well.

Knees With Imperfections

Many women do not want to wear a mini-skirt because their knees are not perfect. However, whose knees are perfect? If celebrities tell women to show their knees despite their imperfections the same way they do, then you should listen to them. What is a perfect knee anyway?

Large Eyes

The funny thing is that women with small eyes tend to often put a lot of makeup around their eyes to make them appear larger. However, women with large eyes can become self-conscious about it. That could also be the case if women were poked fun over their eyes at one point. One woman said that she was mocked in high school for having large eyes which is why she became self-conscious of having them.

Strawberry Legs

Those strawberry legs are normal as they are known to be dried skin with plugged hair follicles that disappear once the woman turns 30. The name for this phenomenon is keratosis pilaris. Even the most popular young celebrities and models have them because it is normal.

Large Forehead

Large Forehead

Many women have a very large forehead and they try to cover it up by wearing head accessories. However, there is no shame in having a large forehead, as even the musician Rhianna has it, and is proud of it too. The one thing to remember is that these women’s partners don’t even think of it or even notice it.

Being Tall

Some women are around six feet tall and that can be difficult because it is not normal for women to be that tall. However, as time goes by, women are becoming taller all of the time because of natural evolution. In contrast, some women dislike being short as well but being short has been more of the norm until recently.

Being Too Skinny

You would think that being too overweight would be something that women would be ashamed to be because of fatphobia. However, there is more acceptance when it comes to larger women, and skinny women feel that they are judged and left out in the cold. Larger women may still envy skinny women but vice versa happens more often than you would think.

Large Teeth

Having large teeth can be something that women feel self-conscious about. Therefore, they tend to smile less because they don’t want to show their teeth. That is a genetic trait, and nothing to be ashamed of since many celebrities are smiling with large teeth without allowing anyone to let them feel self-conscious about it.


Everyone gets into accidents and often that can leave scars. Women who have scars are ashamed to show them but the truth is that by not having a scar, that is the exception and not the rule. Scars should be embraced because it shows that you are a survivor.

Self-esteem can be a tricky thing especially when it comes to being self-conscious about your appearance. However, if you see celebrities and models embracing their imperfections, you should too. Also, knowing these traits are normal, should help as well.

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