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Your Phone Could Cause Premature Aging Signs

Your Phone Could Cause Premature Aging Signs

Let’s not get paranoid here. Mobile phones are here to stay, and they make our lives better in many ways. Don’t toss your phone just yet! The thing is, we kind of overdo our phones — on average, everyone checks theirs every ten minutes, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed.

And although, no, phones are not as bad for your health as many people think, the light from the screen can actually affect you, especially your skin. Here’s what you need to know about how your phone could cause premature aging signs.

It’s the light; that’s the real problem here.

We call high-energy visible light or HEV to the light of TV screens, computer screens and phones. You might also know it as blue light. Unlike direct sunlight and the harmful UV rays in them, that can cause skin cancer, blue light is not all that bad for you, as it is made of low-frequency light waves.

However, blue light has a high penetration force, and it can penetrate your skin deeply, damaging the skin’s collagen and elastin, the compounds that make your skin soft and elastic. The result, of course, wrinkles.

Are phones really that bad for your skin?

Although having a light source so close to your face all day might have its side effects, blue light is still not as harmful as direct sunlight. The sun can cause irreparable damage in hours under the right conditions.

Still, if you’re one of those people that cherishes a smooth face, you might want to either use your phone less often or lower its light settings. Let us also mention that the effects of blue light on the skin are preliminary and not set in stone. There’s some truth here, but don’t change your lifestyle just yet.

How to protect yourself from light exposure

Whether it’s from your phone or the sun, you want to ensure your skin is always protected. Make sure you clean and moisturize your face often and never leave home without sunscreen. At home, try to look at your phone at a safe distance and not a few inches away from your nose.

You also want to consider interacting a bit less with screens. We know it’s hard, but they’re not particularly good for your skin and eyesight. You’re also missing out on the beautiful world out there. Get yourself breaks from your phone.

Now you know it. What to do?

The best thing you can do about this topic is stay informed. New results come out every month or so about the effects of blue light in our systems, so stay in the know. While you’re at it, like with everything else in life, don’t abuse your screen time. Try not to make your phone your entire life.

Low-level light devices are part of our lives — we just need to find a balance between using them and doing other stuff. Your skin will probably be fine, so don’t worry too much about your phone causing wrinkles. You can’t avoid them, anyway.

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