10 Reasons You Can’t Stop Sneezing – and What You Can Do About It

You end up entering a building and all of a sudden you start sneezing, and you have no idea why. Could it be allergies? Maybe, but you are still sneezing even when you head home. You have no idea why you keep sneezing. In fact, all you know is that you are tired of it and you wish you could get it to stop.

10 Reasons You Can’t Stop Sneezing - and What You Can Do About It

Let’s go over 10 reasons why you cannot stop sneezing, and learn about what you can do about it.

You Have A Sinus Infection

Sinus infections are miserable, and they cause you to sneeze. They also are painful as your sinus cavities are inflamed. Therefore, you are producing a lot of mucus which is making your nose run and sneeze. The remedy for a sinus infection is by going to the doctor to get an antibiotic to kill it off.

New Meds Are Making You Sneeze

One side effect of medication that is not talked about often is sneezing, and this can be the result of going on beta-blockers or even NSAIDs. It is caused by the meds altering your nerve responses which can cause you to sneeze. Unless it is not bearable, then don’t quit taking the meds. Eventually, it will settle.

Strong Scents

You’ve been hanging around someone who is wearing strong perfume or cologne and that is making you sneeze non-stop. This is a result of your nasal passages becoming inflamed from the scents, and that is causing you to sneeze. You know that the remedy to this is to stay away from scents that are strong but sometimes you can’t Therefore, try using a nasal rinse at least once a day in that case.

Nasal Polyps

Polyps can grow on the lining of your sinuses which can cause sneezing and sinus irritation, as well as your sense of smell and taste is diminished. An ENT doctor will be able to diagnose you with polyps and prescribe you nasal steroids or instruct you to use a neti pot to help reduce those.



If you live in big cities, then smog will be a problem and can most definitely aggravate your allergies. That can cause a lot of sneezing. Unfortunately, there is no remedy for this cause. You cannot avoid being outdoors. But if it is really bothering you, then visit your allergist to come up with an action plan.

Stuffy Home

Your home is full of indoor allergens from mold, dust, and other indoor chemicals. That will cause you to sneeze often. Therefore, the best thing to do is to ventilate your home by opening up windows. Switch on the bath and kitchen exhausts to get fresh air flowing which will help relieve a lot of that stuffiness.

Nasal Corticosteroids

If you were just prescribed natal corticosteroids for allergies, then ironically one of the side effects is sneezing. However, it will settle. If the insides of your nose and throat are irritated as well, discuss it with your doctor.

Your Looking At The Sun

This may sound strange but when you look at anything bright like the sun, it can trigger your sneezing reflex and that can cause a lot of sneezing. You already know that looking directly at anything bright like the sun will damage your eyes. It can make you sneeze too, so don’t look at it if it is possible.

Eyebrow Plucking

How does plucking your eyebrows cause you to sneeze? Pulling your eyebrows can trigger off the sneeze reflex as nerves are manipulated. It is strange but true. The same goes for pulling hair in general. Look for products that will remove excess brows that will minimize this effect.



This one is the most obvious cause of sneezing that will not stop. The best thing to do is to visit an allergist to find out what you are allergic to if you are not aware. And then a plan of action will be drawn.

Sneezing that happens too much is miserable. Good luck with getting it to stop as if you figure out the cause, you will go for the recommended remedy as well.

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