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10 signs your liver may be damaged

10 signs your liver may be damaged

You need your liver as it helps with digestion as well as nutrient absorption and toxic substance elimination, and you would not be able to live if you did not have this essential organ. However, even though the liver is known to regenerate after some level of destruction, it does not mean it is invincible either. That is why if you drink too much or have a poor lifestyle, that can cause irreversible damage to your liver if you don’t pay attention to the signs of liver toxicity. Let’s look at those signs now:

A Swollen Abdomen

If you appear pregnant without being pregnant then that means you have swelling in your abdomen and that is a build-up of fluid known as ascites. It can happen at the onset of liver disease but it is usually more chronic when it comes to advanced liver disease such as cirrhosis when the liver is hardened and cannot do its proper job anymore.

Yellowing Skin

If you have yellow skin, that is known as jaundice which is normal for newborns, but for anyone past the newborn stage, that is not normal. It is a sign that bilirubin, which is the yellow pigment is in the bloodstream because the liver cannot clear it. It can also make your eyes yellow, your urine dark, and your stools pale.

Pain In The Abdomen

If you have pain in the abdomen, and it is particularly starting in the upper right quadrant, then that can be a sign of liver damage. The pain can be stabbing or dull and it can radiate across the abdomen. It can be present in the absence of other signs of a toxic liver. It can also be a gallbladder issue if you still have your gallbladder, but either way, it is something you cannot ignore.

Itchy Skin

You may have itchy skin which is due to very dry skin from the lack of flow of fluid, and the bilirubin in the blood can also cause the skin to become itchy. You may or may not have jaundice present at the same time when you have itchy skin. However, if you do, then that is a sure sign that your liver is in trouble. Itchy skin alone can have different causes, but liver toxicity is one.

Changes In Stool

The frequency of how often you go to the bathroom can show up when you have liver disease. You can have symptoms such as constipation and IBS symptoms as well. As mentioned previously, the bilirubin not being processed by the liver can also mean that you will end up with pale stools as the bilirubin contributes to the dark brown and green color that it normally has. It may also have a tarry consistency and an unusually foul odor.


It is not a surprise that when the liver is not functioning properly, you would end up with nausea, which can be relentless. Nausea alone without any other symptoms of liver toxicity may be caused by something else, but nausea is one of the most common symptoms of liver disease.

No Appetite And Weight Loss

Along with nausea, liver toxicity would also mean that you would struggle with keeping your appetite up to par. Therefore, you would also eat less and as a result, end up losing weight. When your liver is not working properly, that means it cannot absorb the nutrients right, so it would mean there is weight loss.


You already know that you would have a swollen abdomen from liver disease, but you can also build up fluid in your feet, ankles, and hands. Your face may appear to be swollen from it as well. The liver cannot purge toxins properly which is why there is fluid build-up.

Dark Urine

As mentioned before, the urine may be dark because the bilirubin not processed by the liver will be excreted in the urine, which is making it dark. Other factors can darken urine which includes dehydration. However, dark urine usually goes hand in hand with jaundice. Even if there is an absence of jaundice, you do not want to ignore it because unless you ate something that causes the urine to go dark, you do not want to ignore it.


It is not a surprise when your liver is not well, you are going to be exhausted. A healthy liver will provide more energy. One that is not healthy will prevent that from happening.

If you have even a few of these signs, then that can indicate that your liver is toxic and you will want to get it checked right away. If you treat liver disease immediately, most of the time it will heal. But if it becomes cirrhotic, it will be too late.

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