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Foods for Strong Bones a Rheumatologist Wants You to Eat Every Day

The fundamental role played by the skeleton tissues in the body necessitates you to have stronger bones. Bones are inherently important as they aid movement and provide a support framework for the body. Your skeletal structure is made of living cells that require nurturing which is accomplished by replenishing them with essential food substances.

Furthermore, you will need to take nutritious foods as aging causes more depletion of the bones than the manufacture of the bony components. The risk of having weak bones may spawn dire health defects, including osteoporosis, debilitating fractures and mechanically damaged tissues. A balanced diet supplied with sufficient fresh enables you to develop and grow solidly built bones.

Foods for Strong Bones a Rheumatologist Wants You to Eat Every Day


Proteins are critical ingredients of a balanced diet. They form the building blocks of body cells, including the bone tissues. Subsequently, you have to select the ideal food types, especially lean proteins. These include skinless poultry, nuts and seeds, low-fat foods, fat-free dairy products, beans and fish. If you take around five ounces every day, it’s sufficient for sustaining the growth of your bone tissues.

Nevertheless, try to shun red meat, saturated fats, tropical oils, lard, cream and poultry skin as they cause the thinning of the bones.

Why intake of adequate proteins is crucial

Proteins are key materials in the manufacture of collagen fibers. Eating food with plenty of proteins is necessary for bone growth and gives the bony framework key constituents. The older you get, the more the quantities of proteins you require as your skeletal structures get weaker.

If you are adhering to strict weight loss program requirements, ensure that you have a balanced diet bearing in mind why you should not deplete the body proteins. Failure to replenish your body with sufficient nutrients such as calcium may cause the leaching of the minerals from the bones for other needs.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables have intrinsically healthy ingredients, thus, you should take adequate amounts every day. Diversify the fruit colors and vegetables while enjoying your taste. All fruits and vegetables have exotic nutritious materials that cannot be found in refined foods.

Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables

Undoubtedly, taking high amounts of fruits and vegetables leads to the enhancement of the bony structure. Fruits and vegetables nourish enzymes that are thought to trigger the secretion of hormones that control the loss of calcium from the bones. The plant constituents such as phenols, polypeptides, and complex glycol-proteins produce compounds that strengthen bones and maintain muscle rendering support.

Vitamins and Minerals

The first source of minerals and vitamins are fruits and vegetables. In addition, to nourish your bones with calcium, you will need other inorganic nutrients for the growth and development of the bones.

You should eat a diet rich in the following ingredients, tomato, oranges, collard greens, strawberries, pineapples, prune, green peppers, turnip greens, spinach among others.

Paramount minerals and vitamins that you cannot overlook

You will need magnesium and protein-rich foods. The two minerals are important in the manufacture of the bone structure as they stimulate the process of building the framework.

The indispensable nature of the bones necessitates the intake of foods rich in bone-strengthening nutrients. You can derive critical nutritious from various sources either from plants and animals. However, always try to balance your diet, eliminate excess salts, shun smoking and shun refined or packed foods for healthy bones.

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