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Research Says: Farting in the Nude, Not Such a Great Idea

Research Says: Farting in the Nude, Not Such a Great Idea

You can’t stop yourself, can you? None of us can! Farting is as natural as any other bodily need. As our digestive system and the trillions or bacteria that live in our guts break down our food into nutrients, some gas is to be expected.

There’s no doubt flatulence is not something you want to expel in public, not even in good company, but you can’t help it. The real question is when you’re all alone, should you be farting nude? The answer might surprise you — it’s not such a great idea.

Farting is Good for You

Farting regularly is excellent for you, you reduce bloating, so you’ll feel lighter while being able to use those tight jeans. If you constantly feel gastrointestinal discomfort, then you need to release some gas.

Your colon will thank you too; an inflated colon is terribly dangerous, especially if you’re already sensible to lactose and other food. It can lead to cancer! So, blow off some steam, literally.

Besides, farting is a great way of feeling relaxed and comfortable. It’s also a good sign that things are working correctly down there. It might be a stinky business, but it’s good for you.

Farts are Tully Hazardous

Here’s the problem. Farts are never only gas, they come with hundreds and even thousands of tiny feces particles being expelled at dangerous speeds. When you fart with your clothes on, your underwear catches all those particles, and as long as you change your underwear often, you’re safe.

Farting naked gives all those particles a change to find their way into every corner of your house, even your toothbrush and silverware. Feces carry lots of harmful bacteria, and they’ll eventually find their way back into your system the wrong way causing disease and infections. Farting naked might not be such a great idea after all.

How to Stop Farting?

You can’t just stop farting, but you can reduce the amount of gas that builds up in your body. Here are a few easy ways to improve your digestion and reduce gases.

Eat slower. If you eat slower, your body will have more time to digest the food, and that means you’ll produce less gas.

Stop chewing gum. Chewing gum produces saliva, and you swallow more air than you should. That air eventually finds its way out on the other side. Chewing gum is a nasty habit anyway, so quit it altogether, at least you’ll be less gassy.

Consume less gas producing food. Lactose in milk and cheese, fructose in most fruits, fiber in grains and oats and fiber in starchy foods make you gassy. Simple sugars found in sweets and sodas become gas as well. Reduce or eliminate some of these foods and you’ll feel better within days.

Stop consuming carbonated drinks. Eliminating sodas, beer, and all other carbonated drinks from your diet is the easier way of reducing flatulence. When gas comes in, it must come out, it doesn’t just disappear. Stop drinking gassy beverages and you’ll stop being gassy yourself.

Now You’re Ready for A Better, Less Gassy Life

Now that you know why you shouldn’t fart naked around your house, why flatulence is somewhat good for you and how to reduce it, you’re ready to start a new life as a less gassy person. You’re loved ones will surely appreciated, and you’ll feel better than ever!

And remember, when you gotta do it you gotta do it. Don’t hold back! Let that gas do its thing, even if it’s a bit stinky — just try to reduce some casualties while you’re at it.

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