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Do This 4 Simple Things You Can Do Daily to Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

Do This 4 Simple Things You Can Do Daily to Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay

We still don’t know what causes Alzheimer’s, one of the most feared cognitive degenerative disease, but we know our genes have something to do with it. We also know our lifestyles might have something to do with it.

Here are 4 simple things you can do daily to keep Alzheimer’s at bay, and although this is not a magic formula or a cure for the brain disease it might help — you’ll also feel better than ever all around. See if you can make some changes in your life starting today!

Have Healthy Habits

Although there are many specific things you can do to prevent cognitive decline, and we’ll get to them in a second. At the end of day, having a healthy brain is all about having a healthy overall lifestyle. Eat well and don’t skip meals, don’t eat junk food, work out, stay active and stay busy. Spend time with your loved ones, talk to people, read and do creative stuff too!

That’s the secret behind having a good health. There are no shortcuts here, just living healthily! On the other hand, reduce your bad habits, and you know what they are.

Eat Well

Let’s start with our diet. Some foods are better for your brain functions and might prevent Alzheimer’s as part of a balanced diet.

Fatty fish like salmon and tuna are fabulous for your brain, and so are blueberries and their many protective antioxidants. Drinking coffee from time to time will give your brain a boost, and all cruciferous veggies, from kale and broccoli to Brussels sprouts have healthy compounds for your cognitive functions.

Citrus fruits, nuts, eggs and the famous turmeric are also brain protective. With all these ingredients you can surely put together a healthy menu.

Get Enough Sleep

We don’t sleep enough, and we don’t sleep well enough either, none of us. Whether you sleep to many hours or too little, this has an impact in our brain. Your brain needs time to rest and reset; that’s what keeps it healthy.

If you spend years with bad sleeping habits, don’t be surprised to see some brain functions failing later in your life. Sleep between 6 to 8 hours every day, we’re all different, and do so with the TV off, and in a calm, quiet environment. Give your brain a rest and you’ll keep Alzheimer’s at bay.

Keep Learning New Things!

Your brain will stay sharp as long as you use it. Even if you’re retired, you must always find a way to keep your brain busy. Play board games, solve riddles, or just try to memorize stuff, as long as you use your brain, it will properly, even if you’re 100 years old!

On the other hand, spend your evenings watching TV and you’ll see a fast decay in all your brain functions, from the ability to focus to your memory. Once you stop using your brain, it will slowly shut down, and that’s where degenerative diseases kick in.

There’s No Cure for Alzheimer’s, But You Can Help Prevent It!

Six million Americans have Alzheimer’s today, and no, when your DNA is rigged to trigger the condition, there’s little you can do. The good news is that thousands of scientists are working on understanding the condition as we speak, and we might someday find a cure.

While we wait, take care of your brain, exercise mentally and have good eating, sleeping and workout habits. Stay healthy — that will reduce the risk of suffering from lots of conditions, including cognitive decline. Keep that brain working and if won’t deteriorate as easily.

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