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The 8 Places on Your Body You Forget to Clean (why you need to quit ignoring them)

When you are in the shower, you intend to clean your entire body. Therefore, you scrub your arms, your torso, your legs, and never forget to clean under your feet, underarms, and privates. Now that you are cleaned up and fresh, you are good to go as far as being completely new and clean, right? Well, not exactly. Even though you think you cleaned yourself up very well, chances are you are not as clean as you believe.

The 8 Places on Your Body You Forget to Clean (why you need to quit ignoring them)

Why would you not be so clean after scrubbing yourself up well in the shower? That is because you likely had forgotten to clean up the following eight areas of your body. After all, you simply just never think of cleaning them! Let’s go over the eight places of your body that you forget to clean, which you must stop ignoring right now:

Do You Clean Behind Your Ears?

Chances are you do not clean behind your ears. Why is it important to clean behind your ears? That is because dirt and debris collect behind there, and it is just an area of your body that you don’t even think about cleaning. However, the dirt and debris will attract bacteria, which means you will end up with infections, rashes, and eczema if you do not care for cleaning in those areas. Clean it up with mild soap, and then use a carrier oil with a drop of peppermint oil to put on after cleaning it to soothe it and keep it clean.

The Chances Are That You Ignore Your Belly Button

You have plenty of bacteria and debris accumulating in your belly button since you don’t even think of cleaning it. And that can also cause skin irritation and infections. How do you clean your belly button? You cannot just use soap and clean around there with your finger. However, you can use a cotton swab and dip it into rubbing alcohol and clean it up gently that way. And use a clean cotton swab to wipe away the rubbing alcohol after.

How Often Do You Clean Your Tongue?

If you stick out your tongue in the mirror, you will see it is likely coated, and it is due to bacteria thriving on there. You brush your teeth, but you forget to clean your tongue. Your tongue harbors more bacteria than your teeth do, which can not only cause halitosis but can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease. Use a toothbrush, put on toothpaste, brush your tongue from the back to the front, and stroke it a few times to remove the debris and bacteria once a day.

Do You Wash Your Knees?

You may wash your legs (though not everyone does), but you likely forget to wash your knees. And your knees have dead skin cells all over them, as well as debris, which is why they are often dry. They need to be cleaned, which is why you want to take a clean rag and wash them up with soap. Clean them well, so the dead skin and debris come away.

What About Between Your Toes?

The areas between your toes will attract a lot of bacteria and fungi, which is why it is essential to wash between your toes. The spaces between your toes are dark and moist from the sweat. You may wash underneath your feet but not in between your toes. Therefore, make sure that you scrub the areas between your toes with soap and water quite well. Do what you can to keep your feet dry as well.

What About Your Back?

Chances are you forget about washing your back as well. You have the dead skin cells on your back and oil, which is the perfect area to attract bacteria. That is why acne is common to form on the back as the dirt, dead skin cells, and debris will clog the pores there. Therefore, take a clean cloth and scrub up your back. You will want to invest in an exfoliating sponge to use once in a while on your back to keep it clean.

And The Back Of Your Neck?

The back of your neck is another area that you may forget to wash as well. Sweat and debris are accumulated on the back of your neck, which can also mean you may end up with acne as well. And if your hair is long, you will want to make sure that your neck gets a good cleaning as the hair’s oils will end up there. Use soap and water to clean the back of the neck as well as you can to remove that.

Don’t Forget About Your Bottom

You may clean your privates but not your bottom as you have sweat and other bacteria accumulating on there from being active. Therefore, make sure that you use soap and water to clean your behind as well.

You also will want to make sure that you are not using piping hot water when you shower as that can dry out your skin and hair. Essential oils from your hair and skin will be stripped away, and you will also want to moisturize your skin after getting out of the shower. Stick to lukewarm water and stay healthy and clean.

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