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Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Wear Shoes At Home, According to a Podiatrist

Here’s What Happens If You Don’t Wear Shoes At Home, According to a Podiatrist

Shoes protect our feet so we can walk freely, go for a hike or climb a tree. Shoes are not the problem here, but the rest of the world. We live in a filthy world, and the most significant threats are not puddles and mud, but things you step on that you can’t even see — like viruses and bacteria.

Wearing shoes is totally okay when you’re on the street, but you might want to remove them before entering your home. Here are seven reasons to stop wearing shoes in your house.

You stop spreading viruses and bacteria.

Yes, viruses and bacteria stick to your shoes, and you spread them all around your house. There’s no way of avoiding this. And you definitely don’t want harmful microorganisms crashing at your place where they’re a potential threat for you, your family and pets.

It’s impossible to stop harmful bacteria from entering your home, but that doesn’t mean you should make it easy for them. Don’t let bacteria get you in your own home!

Clean Floors and Carpets

If you hate cleaning, then you’ll love to leave your shoes at the door. If you have stained carpets and dirty floors, that’s probably because of your shoes — they’re the primary source of dirt in your home.

This might sound obvious, but if you want to clean less often and want pristine carpets, stop wearing shoes in your house. Invite your guests to remove their shoes as well. That’s what they do in other countries, and people’s homes are squeaky clean!

Your house will be less messy

Another problem with using shoes at home is that you leave them everywhere, and your kids do too. That means there are shoes everywhere, especially in the living room, and that doesn’t look nice.

If you ever wondered why your house doesn’t look like those awesome magazine home pictures, it’s because your house is a mess, and you have shoes everywhere. The worse part? Then you don’t even remember where you left your shoes. Well, not anymore.

Shoes are noisy

Some more than others, but all shoes make noise, from squeaky tennis shoes to high heels, shoes make unnecessary noise in what should be a place for peace and quiet. When you stop wearing shoes around your house, you’ll notice everything seems calmer and more peaceful; that’s why everyone’s walking around quietly.

No more running around and click-clacking your way through the hall. Stop using shoes at home and make your house a quieter, nicer place.

Shoes are terrible for your floors

Fluffy carpets eventually flatten and hardwood floors damaged — that’s what shoes do to floors, eventually. Some shoes are more harmful to floors than others, of course, but they all take a toll on your rugs and carpets. Harder shoes leave marks on wood, and they’re practically impossible to restore.

Shoes are meant to withstand the hard pavement, not your fancy floors, so protect your home by removing your shoes at the door.

Wearing shoes all the time is unhealthy

Your feet need to breathe, and your toes a little room to wiggle. Shoes are okay on the streets, but you should let your feet relax at home. If your feet are swollen by the time you go to bed, you must massage them constantly, or they’re just cramped up, then you need to give them some room, meaning leaving your shoes at the doorway.

Shoes not only restrain your feet, but they can also deform them, and that’s quite unhealthy. Use shoes only when necessary, instead of what we often do — wearing them all the time.

Your feet will stop smelling funky

Your feet will stop smelling funky

No, smelly feet are not natural. Your feet shouldn’t smell like cheese; that’s a symptom that there are too many yeasts and bacteria living in them comfortably kept warm by your socks and shoes.

Stop wearing shoes around the house, and you’ll notice your feet return to their natural state, and they won’t smell bad at all. Actually, if you didn’t wear shoes at all, you’d have the nicest smelling feet ever.

Stop Wearing Shoes at Home!

As you see, by leaving your shoes at the door, you’ll feel better, have a cleaner, safer home, and live better in many ways. There’s no place for shoes at your house. And if you think you’ll be the only one not wearing shoes at home, know that over 70% of people report walking around barefoot at home. No one talks about it, but we all do it — join the party!

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