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The Real Reason You Should Never Share Your Razor With Someone

The Real Reason You Should Never Share Your Razor With Someone

You have people you are close to, and that can include your spouse, a sibling, your best friend. There are things that you can share with those who you are close to such as your shampoo, your bed (that would likely be your spouse), clothing, and a dish at a restaurant! However, there are also many things that you should not share with others. It does not matter how close you are to someone, but certain items cannot be shared such as razors. If you have been sharing razors with others you need to stop doing that immediately.

Even if that means to borrow the razor from your partner, friend, sibling, adult or teen child, and so on for a quick swipe, don’t do it. Sharing razors is one of the worst things you can possibly do.

What Is Wrong With Sharing Razors?

There are several reasons that you do not want to share razors, and the first reason has to do with sharing razors of the opposite sex. Razors for women are meant to shave large areas such as legs and armpits. Razors for women feature a handle that has a curve and grip that makes it comfortable to shave at a particular angle. Men have razors that are used for sharing faces. Therefore, the shape of the razor alone can be problematic and not safe for those using razors for the opposite sex due to how they are designed. However, that is just one reason that those should not use razors meant for the opposite sex.

Another reason that you must not share your razor with anyone, regardless of sex is that you are increasing your risk for developing an infection if you do that. You know that small cuts can happen when you use razors, and if you are using a razor from someone else, you are increasing your chances of a serious infection. Everyone has bacteria and microbes on their skin.

Many of these bacteria and microbes are essential to keep the skin healthy. However, after you use a razor, you will not only have these bacteria from the skin there, but you also have other viruses and fungi. Especially if you have blood on the razor from a cut. And when someone borrows your used razor, they are increasing their chance of developing blood viruses if there is blood on the razor as well as fungi such as ringworm.

Therefore, a used razor from someone else introduces foreign microbes into your skin and blood which can cause infections. Now you are probably wondering something and that is if it is safe to use your old razor.

Can You Use Your Own Used Razors?

The answer is yes, but you want to use it fewer than ten times. Firstly, it is best to wash your razors after using them even though doing that, will not remove all of the microbes on them. However, the bacteria and microbes on the razor that you use are familiar to your skin. Therefore, that will not cause an infection. If you however use your used razor without washing it well and leaving it out to breed other bacteria and fungi for a while, then that can be a problem. Therefore, you will want to toss the razor away.

Therefore, what that means is that when your spouse is running out of razors as you are as well, then get one package for them and another for you. If you have a friend or sibling, or cousin staying over to your home for a night, ensure that you have some spare unused razors for them. When they use it, tell them to kindly toss them away so there are no chances of any hazards happening.

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