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Think Twice Before Plucking Your Gray Hair And Here’s Why

Think Twice Before Plucking Your Gray Hair And Here's Why

You are seeing that you are developing grey hair, and you may either have the urge to pluck it out, or maybe you don’t. Maybe you appreciate the beauty. Some people appreciate the appearance of grey hair because it symbolizes wisdom that comes with old age, and they are the ones who believe they age with grace. However, there are others who don’t like to see their grey hair because that reminds them that they are aging and getting old. They don’t want to get old, and that is why they don’t want to have those reminders. Therefore, they have the urge to pluck the grey hairs.

The cause for grey hair is that when you age, the pigmentation that is responsible for your hair color begins to slow, and that is why it begins to lack any color even though your hair appears grey – but in reality, it is more towards white. When the pigmentation slows, that also means the hair cells begin to die off from their hair follicles which is why you begin to go bald. It is also believed that grey hair results from the cells making more hydrogen peroxide as you age, which can also change the color of your hair. However, there is a problem if you do that. You can run into significant problems.

Removing Your Hair Strands Is Bad For Your Scalp

Here is the thing. If you pluck out your grey hair, you know that another grey strand will only replace it. And if you keep plucking it, eventually the follicle will die off and when that happens, badling begins. Therefore, that alone should make you realize that plucking your hair is not going to accomplish much. Secondly, If you are plucking your hair repeatedly, that only causes scarring to your scalp. It can cause trauma to the hair follicle if you keep plucking your strands and that will not only increase the chances of the formation of scars but will also increase the chances of infection. You don’t want to have a scar on your scalp and you also don’t want to increase your chances of having an infection.

Additionally, you will end up likely having bald patches which were already mentioned if you keep plucking your grey hair repeatedly. That will destroy your hair follicle pretty fast which is not your intention. Therefore, it can be a difficult thing to accept if you really dislike your grey hair, but if you want to keep your scalp healthy then you will want to avoid plucking your hair.

What Should You Do Instead Of Plucking Your Grey Hair?

The good news is that there are methods when it comes to wanting to not face your grey hair. Therefore, no, you don’t have to suck it up and deal with having grey hair. You don’t have to resign and allow your grey hair to grow. What you can do is trim your grey hair or you can dye each strand. You can go to the salon to dye your hair or use a DIY dye kit. You can find those in pharmacies as well as at other places such as Amazon.

Yes, dying your hair can add up price-wise, but it is much healthier to do than plucking each grey strand. Therefore, this is a case where you want to weigh your pros and cons. Would you rather just forget how you feel about your grey hair and let it grow out while you save some money? Or would you be willing to spend the money on hair dye so you can hide the grey hair? Because plucking cannot be an option if you want your scalp to stay healthy.

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