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The Hidden Dangers Of Taking A Bath In A Hotel

The Hidden Dangers Of Taking A Bath In A Hotel

When you go on vacation, you are aware of the germs that lurk in hotel rooms. That includes the 5-star hotel room that you may have chosen to spend extra money on because you wanted to have a good-quality room. However, that does not necessarily mean you will end up with a cleaner room. If you do choose a high-quality hotel room, you are likely going to have clean sheets, blankets, and pillowcases. However, other parts of the hotel will not receive as much care and cleaning. That includes the bathroom. Because the bathrooms aren’t clean, you do not want to take a bath in a hotel bathroom.

What Could Happen If You Take A Bath In Your Hotel Bathroom?

The thing is, bathtubs are not cleaned overly efficiently. That means you are going to have plenty of leftover bacteria from other dwellers as well as fungi. If bacteria and fungi are not completely cleaned, then you are chancing yourself for developing a terrible infection of some sort when you bathe. The thing about the bathroom, it is a humid environment, and that will promote the growth of bacteria.

When staff cleans a hotel room, including the bathroom, it has been found that housekeepers spend only a half-hour on average cleaning the tubs. That is not enough to give it a good scrub. Therefore, when you are bathing in the bathtub, you will be bathing in a setting where you are likely to going to end up with an infection of some sort. That is because when these tubs were investigated, plenty of bacteria and fungi were found to be present in every tub. It does not matter if you are in a 5-star room or lower. Infection is looming in these bathrooms. Infections were found that affect your gastrointestinal tract, your respiratory tract, as well as your urinary tract, and more in these tubs. That was after a supposed cleaning. It is not only that the unclean bathtub is the source of the infection.

The Bathtub Pipes Are The Source Of Infection

The tub itself is not overly clean, but the pipes of the bathtub are the true culprits. That is because the bathwater lingers in the pipes and that is what causes bacteria to grow, and there is also the presence of fungi. Therefore, not only will you end up with some kind of bacterial infection, but you will also end up with fungal infections such as Athlete’s foot. And you would think that the solution to that is to not soak in the tub. However, that is not the only way you could end up with an infection. Inhaling the bacteria and fungi is enough to put yourself at risk. Hot tubs are worse than regular tubs, so you will want to avoid hot tubs altogether. However regular tubs are not completely safe either.

So what does this mean? Not to go on vacation anymore? No, that is not at all what it means. If you have never gotten sick after coming home from vacation, then you are lucky but at the same time, your working immune system is there to help you in most instances.

The only solution you can utilize is to bring your own cleaning products, or you could buy them at the pharmacy by the hotel. If you really want to go in for a good soaking at the hotel bathtub, then you will need to scrub it well with your cleaning products and the products will go down the drain to kill some of the offenders in the pipes. It won’t be perfect, but it will be better and the tub will be cleaner for you to use.

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