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WARNING: Do You Wear Hair Ties Around Your Wrist? You’d Better Stop! It’s Really Dangerous!

The thing to do with hair ties if you want to take them off of your hair and let down your ponytail is to wear it around your wrist. However, you have been told to not wear your hair ties around your wrist, if they were hair bands as they could cut off circulation since they could wrap around tightly. If you lose circulation in your wrist, then it can become gangrenous and that will lead to amputation.

Do You Wear Hair Ties Around Your Wrist? You’d Better Stop! It’s Really Dangerous!

Therefore, you would end up using hair ties that are loose which will not cause the risk for your circulation is compromised. That is why you would get loose bands, and scrunchies to use for tying up your hair. You can then take them off when you please and put them around your wrist until you want to wear your hair up again. There is no danger to that since a scrunchie or a loose band cannot cut your circulation right? Wrong! Perhaps the loose bands will not hurt your circulation in any way, but it will cause other serious problems such as skin infections.

How Can A Hair Tie On Your Wrist Cause A Skin Infection?

That may sound counterintuitive since the bacteria on your scalp would not cause harm to your skin, as long as there are no open wounds that are! However, the hair tie can still cause abrasion or a cut since it would be rubbing against your wrist. If you notice the itch you keep getting because the hair hand is rubbing your skin over and over again, you will have no other choice but to scratch. And if you keep scratching it, eventually you will open the outer layer of your skin. That is where serious issues can happen.

You will end up with dangerous infections as a result of that. If harmful bacteria such as E.Coli or MRSA end up in your open wound, then it will end up going further into the deeper layers of your skin and into your bloodstream. That is when trouble happens. The first signs of serious infection are fevers in addition to those red bumps, and you can get very sick which means you will need a course of antibiotics immediately. And even antibiotics may not solve the problem so you may end up needing surgery. That is something you want to avoid.

The issue is that wearing those hair ties on your wrists can be seen as a fashion statement. That is why you would want to do that. However, you must think before using any of them.

Is It Safe To Tie Any Type Of Hair Band Around Your Wrist?

The hair ties that do not have glitter or metals, and are just made of cotton are less likely to cause abrasions. However, you can still end up with irritation on your skin from even wearing cotton hair ties. You can easily end up with allergic reactions or eczema from it. If you scratch at your irritated skin as well, then you will end up with the same problem. You could open up your skin and that allows bacteria to enter your body that can cause a lot of harm.

Hair ties simply are not meant to be worn on your wrist the way bracelets are, which is why you will not end up with problems if you wear bracelets.

Why Are Bracelets Safe To Wear?

Bracelets are designed to be worn by your wrist. The only time when you can run into a problem is if the bracelet is too small which can cause circulatory distress – or if the bracelet is made with a material you are allergic to, which will cause your skin to itch and break out in hives. Therefore, the same issues can end up happening as far as you opening up a wound due to scratching and allowing bacteria to come in.

However, aside from those issues, bracelets are simply meant to be worn around your wrist. Bracelets that fit you properly are loose and you even barely notice that they are there. That is why there is no harm in wearing them overnight as well as those who have medical issues need to do so regardless as they need to wear medical alert bracelets.

Therefore, after learning why it is dangerous to wear your hair tie around your wrist, you will want to begin to put your hair tie in your pocket or purse when you are finished with wearing them in your hair. That is a much safer option.

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