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The Biggest Myth About Blood Pressure You Need to Stop Believing

The one thing that your doctor tells you in order to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke is if your blood pressure falls into the normal range of 120 systolic and 80 diastolic or 120 over 80. If your blood pressure is within that range, then that is good. However, there is one myth about having normal blood pressure that you need to stop believing and that is – if your blood pressure is normal, you still are not guaranteed to escape heart disease. There are genetic factors that can make you susceptible to heart disease and there are many other factors that can increase your risk of getting heart disease.

The Biggest Myth About Blood Pressure You Need to Stop Believing

However, the systolic pis pressure of something to worry more about than the diastolic pressure. The systolic part does increase as you age, but if it does go up too high, then there is a risk of calcium deposits which can increase the chances of cardiovascular problems. Therefore, you want to make sure your blood pressure is kept at a healthy level, and to even lower it even if your blood pressure is considered ‘normal’. The things you can do to keep your blood pressure healthy are:

Get Some Sun

If you live in colder climates then getting some sun is not always possible, but do what you can to spend time outdoors. You want to protect your skin from UV rays, but at the same time, the effect that the outdoors has on you is a calming effect and that can help keep your blood pressure lower.

Get Regular Exercise

If you go for a brisk walk for a half-hour a day, then you will find that your blood pressure will be healthy. And that is because exercise helps keep the circulation going and when the circulation is flowing properly, that puts less strain on your blood vessels and that means there is less strain on your heart. You don’t need to hit the gym and spend hours doing an intense workout. In fact, it is best not to do that because that can stress out your body which can increase your blood pressure. Engaging in moderate exercise will be sufficient and will keep you healthy enough.

Vitamin C Is Helpful

You want to makes sure you have enough Vitamin C in your body as it not only keeps your immune system stronger, but it also helps to keep your blood pressure healthy. Vitamin C helps to repair damaged tissue and it can also help strengthen your blood vessels. If your blood vessels are strong and in healthy working order, that will keep your blood pressure healthy. The ideal amount of Vitamin C you should get is about 500 mg. You don’t want to drink six cups of orange juice a day which is what that would be equivalent to due to the sugar. Take supplements instead.

Manage Your Stress Better

You need to manage your stress in a healthy way by practicing yoga, meditation, and winding down each evening by doing something relaxing that you enjoy. If your stress levels are too high and you are not managing them, then that alone can put a strain on your heart. Even if once again your blood pressure is normal if you are stressed, don’t let that fool you as you could be at risk for a heart attack. You cannot avoid stress in life. However, you can manage it by utilizing healthy tactics by doing so.

If you are in a situation that is too stressful such as caregiving, then you must take advantage of respite services. And if it is too much for you to handle, then you will need to look into placing the care recipient at a facility where they will get the proper care because there is only so much you can do.

Therefore, the point is if your blood pressure is normal but you are not healthy otherwise, then you are not out of the woods when it comes to developing heart disease. And you will want to pay attention to the systolic pressure more as well. If you are taking good care of yourself, then the odds are that you will stay healthy. However, genetics unfortunately can be a large influence as well.

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