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The One Thing You’re Doing Every Day That’s Hurting Your Neck

When you are taking up obvious bad habits such as eating too much sugar or eating too many calories, you know those are bad habits. And you know that can cause obesity easily which will lead to other health problems such as cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and cancer. Because you are aware that this is one obvious bad habit, you know you must break it even if you need help to do so.

The One Thing You're Doing Every Day That's Hurting Your Neck

However, overeating or eating too much sugar is not the only bad habit you can take up. You are actually doing so many other bad habits that are causing you other health problems that you are not even aware of doing. That means if you are dealing with neck and back pain, there is a good chance the cause of those are from many bad habits you have taken up over the years without even realizing it. Because unlike overeating or eating too much sugar, bad habits that cause neck pain are not obvious.

What Kind Of Bad Habits Can Cause Your Neck Pain?

You would be surprised by the everyday habits that can cause you problems with your neck and back, and these habits would seem innocent – but they are not. Firstly, if you are chewing gum on a regular basis, that can cause harm to your neck! How does that happen? Here is the thing. When you chew gum, you are causing your jaw to be at work constantly. It is not meant to be at work other than talking and chewing food which you do intermittently. But when you chew gum, the non-stop chewing happens for much longer than you would chew food at a given time. This can cause complications with your jaw and neck, and that neck pain you have may very well result from you chewing gum all of the time.

That is a habit that is a good one when you are attempting to lose weight as you chew sugarless gum, you are chewing instead of eating. Therefore, you are not consuming calories. However, when it comes to your jaw and neck, it is one of the worst things you can do. And chewing gum on a consistent basis is not the only negative thing you could do to your neck. The position that you sit in, especially for long periods will also cause harm to your neck.

When you are sitting at your office desk for eight hours of the day, you are likely slouching and you are also sitting for long periods. If your body is in a poor position from you sitting for too long, your neck and back will suffer. The best thing to do is to sit up in a straight position and you may need a back brace to keep you supported if you have to work for long hours. It is also advisable to get up from your deck every hour just to take a short walk to break the length of time you have been sitting at your desk. However, that is not the most obvious thing you could do that will harm your neck either.

There is one thing you do that will cause your neck to give out quickly and that is by carrying heavy items on one side. If you put a heavy bag on one shoulder for just one time, you won’t have a negative effect. If you do it constantly, then you will begin to end up with serious neck pain quite fast. And you will not feel any pain if you do it once. But after carrying a heavy item on one side of your body or your shoulder often, you will be needing to run to the chiropractor.

How Can You Carry Heavy Items Without It Causing Damage?

The way to carry heavy items without it causing damage is to carry it on both of your shoulders. That is why you have backpacks. They are meant to be carried on your back as you strap it to both shoulders. Never let the strap hang from one shoulder. If you carry the item on your back as it is strapped to both of your shoulders, you will be okay. However, if you are carrying items that are extremely heavy regardless, that will hurt your neck and back too. Therefore, if you can, keep the load as light as you can.

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