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5 Signals That Can Tell You There Is Something Wrong With Your Kidneys – Don’t Ignore Them!

You need your kidneys because they are the reason that you are able to remove toxins out of your system. Your kidneys filter out the toxins so they don’t accumulate in your body, and they release the bad stuff with urine. That is why you want your kidneys to function properly so you are able to remove toxins easily and stay healthy. However, what happens when your kidneys don’t filter out toxins as much as they should because they are less than functional? You will end up with too many toxins in your body which can become dangerous if they accumulate to a high level. And how do you know if your kidneys are in trouble? Let’s look at the five signs that your kidneys could be in big trouble which means you will need to get medical attention right away.

5 Signals That Can Tell You There Is Something Wrong With Your Kidneys – Don’t Ignore Them!

You Have Puffy Eyes

If your eyes are puffy especially in the morning, then that can be indicative of a kidney problem. If you are retaining fluid it will show in your eyes and if this is something that you have been noticing lately, then you cannot ignore it. If you have had puffy eyes for a while but never suffered from other signs that your kidneys were in trouble, then you will need to get yourself checked.

You Have High Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is high, there are many causes for hypertension and you have to do what you can to lower it such as lowering your salt intake. But kidneys that are not functioning properly can be behind the high blood pressure due to all of the build-up of toxins. On the flip side, if you have high blood pressure due to other reasons, that can be quite damaging to your kidneys as well. Either way, you need to get it checked.


You already know that if your eyes are puffy you are retaining fluid because your kidneys are not working properly. However, it is not just your eyes that will show the puffiness. You could have swollen hands, feet, and ankles which is caused by the fluid buildup from your kidneys not being able to flush themselves out properly. Sometimes on a hot summer day when the heat causes expansion, you can end up with swelling which is normal. That is why it is hard to take your rings off of your fingers on hot days. But it does correct itself on its own in a normal temperature setting.

However, if you have unexplained swelling in those areas, you cannot ignore it, especially if it happens out of nowhere. Your kidneys could really be in trouble if you do.

If You Have Blood Or Protein In Your Urine

When you go for your checkups, it is standard for your urine to be checked. Signs such as excess of sugar which can indicate diabetes will be looked at, and also bacteria to indicate infections, or blood in your urine which can indicate a bladder or kidney infection will be markers that doctors look for as well. However, another thing that doctors look for in urine is protein, especially a type called albumin can indicate chronic kidney disease. If there are other proteins, then that can be indicative of other signs of damage to the kidneys.

Discolored Urine

Urine that is a pale light yellow is how it should appear which means your kidneys are functioning fine. However, if you notice that your urine is extremely dark or cloudy, that can be indicative that your kidneys are shedding signs of kidney disease or infection. And if your urine is dark constantly, then you are not shedding enough water. Especially if you are retaining it in other parts of your body which means they would be swollen. If you have noticed that your urine does not appear to be normal, then you need to have it checked out.

You don’t want to allow suspected kidney disease to go unchecked. If your kidneys end up stop losing all of their function, then you will need to go on dialysis and if you are a candidate, you can have a transplant. But there are plenty of risks with that as well. If you are exhibiting any of the signs mentioned, your kidneys are in trouble, and please have yourself examined by a doctor.

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