You Should Rethink Letting Your Dishes Soak in The Sink. Here’s Why.

You Should Rethink Letting Your Dishes Soak in The Sink. Here’s Why.

No one likes to wash dishes. Still, you’re better off washing them than eating from a disposable container every day. Having to wash dishes is actually a good sign that at least you’re eating at home — not everyone is as privileged. And eating at home is healthier than any alternative. Now, letting your dishes soak in the sink to wash later might have the opposite effect; it can be unhealthy, here’s why.

It’s Just a Nasty Habit

If you want a nice-looking home, start by cleaning it often. There’s nothing worse than having guests coming over only to find a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. What does that say about you?

Cleaning your home is about good habits and postponing them is not the right way to tackle the problem. No, the dishes won’t be easier to clean after letting them soak. They’ll have more bacteria than before.

There are lots of bacteria in your sink pipes and sponge

Bacteria in the pipes, in the sink and your sponge, are just sitting there waiting for you to feed them with leftover food and everything else you throw down the drain. These bacteria can have a hidden agenda and could eventually make you sick if you’re not careful. As long as there’s food, there are bacteria, so don’t put up a feast for these uninvited guests.

Bacteria thrive at room-temperature water

Bacteria need something to eat to thrive, yes, but they also need the right conditions, and warm water is just the perfect scenario for them to grow in numbers. Bacteria can multiply every half an hour when the conditions are right. And a sink filled with room-temperature water and plenty of leftover food is just that. Your dishes will have ten if not more times the bacteria they had when you left them in the sink.

Insects will find the perfect place to crash

Insects love a good bath as well, and they love moisture too. If you have roaches or endless rows of ants crawling around your house, chances are you’re making it too easy for them. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, not even in the dishwasher, or you’ll be extending an invitation to many creepy crawlers to join the party. And insects are just part of the problem.

Bacteria contaminate everything in your kitchen

The problem with bacteria thriving in your dirty sink is that they tend to expand quite fast, and everything you eat is in your kitchen, so why risk it? If bacteria find their way to your pantry or fridge, things will soon get out of control. Where did they come from? From the sink, of course. Clean and disinfect your kitchen thoroughly after cooking and leave no dirty dish behind, ever.

Mold releases spores

If you think bacteria and insects are bad, your worse enemy is mold. Harmful fungi thrive in moist environments, and although they’re invisible at first, they can later become huge dark spots in the walls and every crevice. Mold is tough to fight, especially if their environment is constantly damp. And when the mold is strong enough, it releases spores into the air, and they land in your food and could even find their way into your lungs. That’s spooky for real.

Wash your dishes and sleep carefree

If you make it a habit and wash your dishes as soon as you finish your meal, you won’t feel it as a burden. Besides, you can invite others to help out. Keeping your home clean is a team effort, and that goes for washing the dishes as well.

Have a spotless kitchen, and you’ll prevent insects, mold and bacteria from causing trouble down the road, and you’ll feel better about yourself, so why not start today?

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