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How Can You Prevent Future Hearing Loss?

How Can You Prevent Future Hearing Loss?

One of the challenges that come with aging is that you not only are at risk for age-related ailments such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some of that you can control through adopting a positive lifestyle. However, there are other things that come with aging and that is the risk for hearing loss. You will know that you are struggling with hearing loss when you are having to put the volume up too high when you are listening to the radio, watching TV, or listing to an online video. You will also know that your hearing is not strong anymore because you are asking those who are speaking to you to speak louder.

However, there is some good news. You can prevent significant hearing loss and if you utilize the hacks now to prevent it down the road, you will likely still have your hearing intact – even if it is lost a little which is going to be inevitable with age. Let’s go over the ways you can prevent hearing loss.

Wear Ear Plugs If You Are In A Noisy Environment

If you happen to pass by loud construction in an area once in a while, it will be uncomfortable, but a one-time or a seldom situation will not have a significant impact on your hearing. However, if you are constantly exposed to loud noises like planes going off or construction, or if you work during concerts, then you are at risk for hearing loss. The way to prevent that risk is to wear earplugs while you are in those settings. As a rule of thumb, if you are exposed to sounds over 85 decibels consistently, that will damage your hearing. Busy traffic can be about 85 decibels, but motorbikes and planes taking off are well over that level.

Be Careful When You Are Listening To Music Or Television

If you have the volume up too high through headphones, you are going over 100 decibels which are damaging to your ears. The best thing to do is to listen to music at a comfortable volume while you are using noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones will keep the background noises away while you can enjoy listening to the television or music comfortably. The trick is as well as not to listen to any of it at more than 60 percent of the maximum volume. And you will see that there are devices that have settings for you to limit the volume.

Be Careful At Work If Loud Noises Are Part Of Your Job

If you work in bars or nightclubs, or you are working at a concert or sporting event, construction, a mechanic garage, or a factory where there are loud noises, then you need to take precautions. Your employer is responsible for investing in quieter equipment if you work in factories, and you will need to use earplugs if necessary that do not block out sounds completely, but keep them at a quieter and lower decibel level. You may also want to walk away from loud noises once in a while if you do not have earplugs or earmuffs. However, they are needed.

Get Your Hearing Tested

If you already suspect that you are losing your hearing, then you will want to get your hearing tested. Maybe do so once a year. And if you happen to work in a field that involves loud noises, then you do want to ensure that you get hearing tests regularly. Therefore, do not neglect your hearing.

If you can take these precautions, then you will prevent hearing loss in the future other than it is age-related. Unfortunately, you cannot control that.

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