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Sorry to ruin your day, but reading on the toilet is bad for you

Sorry to ruin your day, but reading on the toilet is bad for you

Reading on the toilet is more common than you think, but it’s not the local newspaper we’re reading these days, but our favorite blogs and news feeds. Phones have made reading on the toilet easier than ever — of course; it is a good idea to have a good-old magazine in hand for some old-fashioned read.

The real question is, should you read on the toilet? How good of an idea is it, really? Well, there are two takes on this. So read on, learn all about toilet reading and make your own choice. Are you a toilet reader? If not, you might become one after reading this. By the way, you’re not on the toilet right now, are you?

The Good. Reading is A Great Habit

Instead of browsing endless Pinterest feeds, find something interesting to read. You spend 1 to 1.5 years of your life on the toilet. Twenty-three minutes is the average time we all spend in the bathroom every time we use it. That’s enough time to read 5,474 words or ten long articles!

Reading is an opportunity to learn new skills, catch up on the world’s news, learn about foreign lands or study for a test. Reading stimulates your brain much more than watching videos, as it makes your imagination fly.

Besides, there are plenty of good reads on the Internet, and everything you could possibly learn is a few clicks away, from learning how to fix your dishwasher to NASA’s most recent space expeditions.

The Bad. You Don’t Focus on the Task

And you know what the task is when you’re on the toilet. Did you know you actually have to focus on getting that bowel movement going? And if you’re having trouble in that department, chances are you’re just too distracted reading or watching an episode of your favorite series on Netflix.

Many people have constipation issues, and although just focusing on going number two is not enough to fix an obstructed intestine, it does help. Breath, focus on getting the job done and move on.

You shouldn’t spend more time in the bathroom than needed, not only because other people might be waiting for their turn but also because you can get your body used to spending more time than is necessary to do its thing.

The Ugly. The Bathroom is not a clean place

The bad news is that you being on the toilet means there are lots of nasty particles flying around, and of course, they land on whatever you have in your hands, whether it’s a lifestyle magazine or your phone.

If it’s your phone, there’s more bad news. You’ll eventually take it to your face, spreading unhealthy particles and other stuff to your face and mouth. In fact, you shouldn’t bring out your phone when on the toilet — it’s just a bad idea that could have awful consequences.

And one more thing, do you know how many people drop their phones into the toilet every day? We neither, but many, so try not to be one of them.

Read, yes. But Not on The Toilet

Although it might seem like a good habit, reading on the toilet might bring you and those around you some trouble. Besides, you can read right before going to bed or while you enjoy breakfast. Just don’t do it on the throne.

Now, it’s not like reading on the toilet will kill you, or anything, unless you’re unlucky. And you might still want to enjoy Sunday’s comic strips while going number two. At least now you know what you’re getting into. Now, make an informed decision and keep on building good habits while getting rid of the bad ones.

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