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Why Your Inner Ears Itch and What You Should Never Do to Stop the Itch

Why Your Inner Ears Itch and What You Should Never Do to Stop the Itch

Itchy ears are not uncommon. In fact, it’s normal as long as it doesn’t happen too often. More often than not, scratching your ears solves the problem, but what if your ears itch from the inside? Read this post before sticking your finger in there because you can cause an issue where there isn’t one.

The thing with itchy inner ears is that there are many causes for it. Luckily, most are nothing to worry about — they’re easy to fix. Others can be pretty serious, so don’t ignore an itchy inner ear if persistent. Here’s why your inner ears itch and what you should never do to stop the itch.

What Causes an Itchy Inner Ear?

The most common cause of itchy inner ears is earwax buildup. That’s why you never want to stick your finger to try scratch the itchiness away — you’ll just push the earwax even further and can eventually impair your hearing. Cotton swabs are just as bad as your pinky finger, perhaps worse since they shove earwax until it’s unreachable.

If you have an earwax buildup, you should take a shower with hot water. Sometimes the steam alone can eliminate some of the excess earwax. You can encourage a bit of water to find its way to your ears without overdoing it, of course. Make sure you dry your ears thoroughly to prevent water from causing even more trouble.

An Infection Can Cause Itchy Inner Ears

If it’s not earwax, you might have an infection and they are common if you recently went swimming or you just have poor hygiene. Don’t feel bad if you have one, though; we all do eventually. To treat ear infections, you must visit your doctor. He’ll know what to do — most probably a few drops and prescribed antibiotics.

If you have an infection, you don’t want to stick your finger in your ear either, as your fingers are dirty, and you’re basically feeding the bacteria while spreading the infection to other parts of your body. Infections are serious stuff, so call your doctor; you don’t want to lose your hearing, do you? Take care of those ears!

Anxiety Might Be the Problem

Our bodies work in mysterious ways, and sometimes you can feel constant itchiness in your ears or other body parts when anxious, stressed, and even depressed. If your doctor can’t find an earwax buildup or an infection in your ears, and you’re not experiencing an allergic reaction, then it might be all in your head.

Relax a little, meditate and don’t let your problems overwhelm you; your health is on the line. Of course, this is a rare case, but our bodies are pretty sensitive to our state of mind, so avoid being anxious and stay calm. Your itchiness will disappear in no time.

You might want to talk to your doctor about your anxiety problems as well, but you can also spend the evening at the spa and see if that works first.

Know Yourself and Have Good Habits

An itchy inner ear is usually no biggie, but it can get serious, so keep your ears clean, don’t stick stuff into them and be aware of things that might cause you allergies.

The good news is that all three primary causes for itchy inner ears: earwax, infections and allergies are easily treated, and the problem should go away within days. The secret here is to prevent them, and that’s only possible with good hygiene and good habits.

Please stop using cotton swabs, they’re bad for your ears, and they’re an environmental threat. Just take care of your ears while on the shower and check yourself often. Let us all enjoy clean ears and a perfect pitch!

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