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Did You Know That If You Keep Your Brain Active You Can Ward Off Alzheimer’s Disease?

Did You Know That If You Keep Your Brain Active You Can Ward Off Alzheimer’s Disease?

The one thing you realize that can happen as you age is that you could be at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. That is especially if you have a parent or a grandparent that has it which means you are more genetically predisposed to developing the condition as well. Unfortunately, you may be very likely to develop Alzheimer’s but here is the thing: You can delay the onset of it. That means you can live a much higher quality of life as you age, and even if you were to develop the condition, in the early stages, you can still live a good quality of life and delay the degradation of it. There are several things you can do in order to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s for even five years. That means keeping your brain active, and how do you do that? Let’s go over some helpful tips when it comes to keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay for a while, anyway.

Keep Learning New Things

You can take adult courses, or you could learn a new hobby or a language, and you could also read books about matters that you know little about. That is a great way to keep exercising your brain. You can go to teaching platforms such as Udemy and you can find many courses on anything ranging from hobbies to even a new career idea. If you keep giving your brain a good workout by active stimulation such as learning new things, that will keep your brain healthy.

Do Puzzles And Games

Playing games such as chess and even video games can help keep your brain stimulated as your brain is forced to do problem-solving activities. That also means doing jigsaw puzzles is good for the brain, and doing crossword puzzles is good for the brain too. You can find a number of apps to download that can do this for you. There are plenty of gaming and puzzle apps. During your spare time, you can also get magazines and do crossword puzzles and word searches as well.

Change Up Your Routine

One thing about your brain falling into the trap of stagnation is by becoming too comfortable in your comfort zone. Therefore, the way to combat that is by changing your routine. That can be as simple as taking a different route to the grocery store. Find another way to drive there instead of the route you always use. Change up your schedule as well, but only if it does not interfere with your work schedule. If it does, then find different ways to change your routine during the weekend or your days off of work.

Challenge Yourself To Get Better At Areas That Are Not Easy For You

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and attempting to build upon your weaknesses is another way that you can keep your brain active and stimulated. That means to work on something that you are not good at and don’t worry about striving for perfection, just keep challenging yourself. For instance, if you are not good at bowling, challenge yourself to go to the bowling alley once every few weeks and play a game.

Those are essential ways to keep your brain active and you also need to get physical exercise and socialize so that your brain does not atrophy and become susceptible to Alzheimer’s. You may not be able to completely ward it off if there is a genetic component. However, you can delay it significantly, and even if you were to develop signs of it, you can still keep your brain active to keep the severity of it at bay. You will be happier as well.


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