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Here Is The Secret To Getting Rid Of Canker Sores

Canker sores! They are so painful and they can be the result of many things such as a mouth injury, as well as viruses resulting from being run down or it is a sign that you are fighting an illness as well. You also can find canker sores in your mouth after either brushing your teeth with great intensity or accidentally biting your cheek. Or, the toothpaste and mouthwash you use that contain sodium lauryl sulfate can also be culprits. Either way, canker sores are extremely painful and they really can make eating a chore.

Here Is The Secret To Getting Rid Of Canker Sores

They are also really a downer to deal with since you cannot enjoy delicious foods that have acidity in them such as pasta, pizzas, chocolate, and many fruits. You will also want to check your stress levels as if you are too stressed, which can cause canker sores. Or nutritional deficiencies can be the cause for them too. If you are lacking folic acid, iron, zinc, or B12, you will be prone to canker sores. If you are finding that you are getting them too often, you will want to have those levels checked.

In some cases, canker sores are so bad that they can get into the way of you talking. Before you know a sore will appear, you may get a tingling or burning sensation about a day before it emerges.

You probably have been the one to look for remedies for canker sores if you suffer from them often. You may have tried topical medications, as well as ice chips, or just by avoiding acidic foods. And eventually, they do go away on their own. However, you probably have not tried the secret to getting rid of canker sores immediately. There is one secret treatment that will help you banish canker sores. What is that secret treatment? You may be surprised to learn it is colloidal silver.

Does Colloidal Silver Banish Canker Sores?

The short answer to this question is that yes it does. Colloidal silver is literally small silver flakes, and it was not technically passed by the FDA for being a prescription or OTC treatment for anything. However, there are colloidal silver products sold as they have shown to be very good dietary supplements as well as homeopathic remedies. It is not advisable to make colloidal silver at home as there is no way to test its effectiveness as well as purity. However, you will want to go for products that contain the mineral that comes from reputable sources.

The reason that colloidal silver is excellent for banishing canker sores is due to the fact that it has powerful microbial properties and it is very good for healing wounds. All you need to do is dab a small amount of the product onto the sore and be sure to immediately rinse it out completely without swallowing any of it.

You also only want to use colloidal silver sparingly and only when your canker sores are so painful that you can’t function without it. Because there are some risks that are associated with this mineral.

What Are The Risks Of Colloidal Silver?

If you were to swallow colloidal silver a few times, it would not be harmful as some people do take it internally as they believe it could cure many diseases such as HIV. There is nothing to back that up as there has never been any proof of that being the case. However, if you were to ingest it too often, the silver flakes will build up in your tissues which would end up causing you to develop a blueish and greyish skin tone called argyria which is not reversible.

Argyria is not dangerous as it is a benign health condition, but cosmetically it would be difficult to live with. However, if you were to use colloidal silver the occasional time to help banish canker sores, you will not end up with silver or blue skin. Especially if you were not to swallow it at all. You may not be able to prevent yourself from getting canker sores. However, you can make sure you are getting the nutrients you need by taking a daily multivitamin, learning stress-management coping skills, and staying as healthy as you can.

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