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Sweating at Night? Is That A Sign of Cancer?

Sweating at Night? Is That A Sign of Cancer?

We all sweat at night, especially during summer. Still, not all sweating is the same, and some types of sweating might be a symptom of something wrong in your body. Despite decades of scientific research, we still don’t understand everything that goes on in our bodies. And we still don’t know much about cancer, really. Still, we’re getting closer to some answers.

The question today is, is sweating at night a symptom of cancer? It might be, yes, but here’s what you have to know. Again, more research is needed on the matter, but the more we know, the more we understand how our bodies work.

What can cause excessive night sweating?

Before we talk about cancer, let’s talk about other common causes of the excessive night sweating. No, they’re not all bad. The thing is, our bodies react curiously to even minor changes, and it is during our sleep that we notice these early symptoms more easily.

Pregnancy might cause excessive night sweating, and so do stress and anxiety, so stay calm! More dangerous conditions include bacterial infections, low blood sugar levels and hyperthyroidism. If none of these causes ring a bell, some medications might be causing your excessive sweating. Have you been taking new pills recently?

What cancers can cause sweating at night?

Now, to the most serious matter. Yes, some types of cancer might manifest themselves as excessive sweating, especially in their early stages. Leukemia or blood cancer is one of those, but so are lymphoma, liver cancer, bone cancer and mesothelioma, which grows in the intestines.

Actually, all carcinoid tumors can cause excessive sweating, so if you’ve been sweating too much at night, check yourself. We should also mention that some types of cancer treatments, especially those that have to do with radiation, might cause several discomforts, including excessive sweating.

How to know if your night sweating is normal?

Some people are sweatier than others, and the weather and humidity levels also play a role. So, if you suddenly feel you’re sweating more than normal at night, talk to your doctor.

Having said that, to consider sweating a symptom of something bad going on, the sweating should be persistent and not just sporadic. In fact, don’t worry too much unless you sweat so much that you must change your clothes in the middle of the night! That’s a lot of sweat, so chances are if you’ve been sweaty lately, it’s nothing to worry about.

Other cancer symptoms that might interest you

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and cancer claims just too many lives every year. If you have one of the following symptoms, be sure to talk to your doctor. Most of the time, it might be nothing, but you never know. As stated by the National Cancer Institute, these are common cancer symptoms to be aware of.

Lumps, itchy or dimpled skin. Trouble urinating or pain when urinating. Changes in bowel habits, persistent cough, pain after swallowing, abdominal pain, fatigue, headaches, seizures and impaired hearing or vision. Talk to your doctor if you notice some of these symptoms.

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