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You Do Not Want Deodorant If It Has The Following Ingredients

You Do Not Want Deodorant If It Has The Following Ingredients

You may think that natural products may be overhyped and a lot of them are. However, the one natural product that might not be so overhyped is deodorant made with organic products without chemicals. Once you learn about what chemicals you need to avoid, you will realize that some natural or organic products may not be so overhyped after all. Because the following chemicals that you do not want in your deodorant (or any other product) will cause at least one of many serious health problems. Let’s now talk about what chemicals you want to avoid getting at all costs that are used in many deodorants.


Aluminum is put in many deodorants to help plug up the sweat glands so you don’t perspire as much. However, the issue with this chemical is that it can mimic estrogen which has been tied to many types of breast cancer. Therefore, aluminum can increase the chances of breast cancer in both men and women. It can also cause kidney disease but more research needs to be done on that.


Alcohol is added to many deodorants so it can help the product dry fast after application. The use of it as well as to help kill bacteria that cause odor. It can cause irritation and natural ingredients such as magnesium hydroxide and coconut oil can do the same thing instead of alcohol.


You may have heard that parabens are toxic and you heard right if that is the case. Parabens are meant to kill off bacteria, fungi, and other unhealthy microbes. However, like aluminum, parabens can mimic the role of estrogen which can be the cause of many breast cancers. Therefore, you will want to avoid products with parabens which can also be found in many brands of shampoo and toothpaste. Many countries have banned the use of parabens, however.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is an additive used in foods and products that helps to de-ice products and food in frozen conditions. It also is used in deodorant and in other products to help soften up the consistency of them which is why when you use the deodorant, it can flake off easier. However, not only does this synthetic ingredient increase the chances of other ailments but it also enhances the effects of other ingredients. Therefore, for example, since parabens can cause breast cancer, this ingredient with parabens will increase the chances of it happening even more.


Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that you see not only in deodorants but in other cosmetics and handwashing products. Studies have found that this chemical can cause disruptions to the endocrine function and hormonal function. In fact, the FDA listed triclosan as a pesticide which is something to keep in mind. You do not want to use a pesticide in your deodorant.


Phthalates may be another one that you hear negative things about but there is a reason for that as they can be linked to asthma as well as preterm births if pregnant women use products with them. Pregnant women using products with phthalates have been linked to birth defects, and infertility in men is also the result of it too. You can find cosmetics and deodorants that use this chemical as it helps to dissolve the other ingredients. You do not want to use products with phthalates.


Parfum is also known as the fragrance that can cause asthma and be an allergy trigger. You also find them in colognes, perfumes, and body sprays. There are many hazardous chemicals in parfum as well that derive from petroleum and it can also cause inflammation.

If you are looking for deodorant, you will want to find natural ones that do not have any of these harmful ingredients, and essential oils will make up for the uses of deodorant and are much safer.

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