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7 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Socks to Bed

Many people don’t go to bed wearing socks, and it doesn’t seem to make sense to wear socks when you are sleeping. It is best to get your feet exposed to the air as much as possible. And you would get too warm if you wore socks to bed, right? Well here is the thing. If you are sleeping under the covers, how much air are your feet getting? And if you are tossing and turning often as it takes you time to fall asleep, there are many reasons for that to happen.

7 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear Socks to Bed

If you drank coffee late at night, or if you watched television or used your smartphone before bed, those would be reasons. Perhaps if you don’t wear socks to bed, that could be the reason as well. Let’s go over the reason why that would be, in addition to six other reasons why you need to wear your socks to bed.

You Fall Asleep Quicker

When you wear socks to bed, your feet become warm and it helps you regulate your internal temperature as well. That is why if you wear socks you will fall asleep quicker than if you didn’t wear your socks. When your feet are warm, it sends out signals to the brain that it is time to go to sleep which is why you will fall into a slumber much quickly. That also means your body will be distributed the heat from the socks being on your feet.

You Stay Asleep

Falling and staying asleep are both issues that people with insomnia struggle with. However, when you are wearing the socks to bed, and the heat is distributed evenly, then that will also help you stay asleep. You may still end up having to take a quick washroom break in the night, but after you go to the bathroom you will fall back to sleep immediately. However, that only happens if your bladder wakes you up. Not if your cold feet wake you up which causes you to not go back to sleep easily.

Improved Circulation

The great thing about wearing socks to bed is that it can increase your blood supply, and as well as nutrients and oxygen to all areas of your body. That happens due to the fact that the socks don’t allow the blood vessels that are constricted poor quality levels of blood. Therefore, it keeps your kidneys, heart, and liver functioning well so you will sleep better and feel better overall.

Women That Have Hot Flashes Can Benefit From Them

Hot flashes in women that are menopausal struggle with them mostly at night. That is why as counterintuitive as this sounds, wearing socks will help bring relief. It is once again all about regulating the internal temperature. That will help reduce the hot flashes and bring comfort.

Prevents Raynaud’s Syndrome

When your feet and hands go cold and numb, that is Raynaud’s phenomenon and that can be downright uncomfortable. However, because wearing socks to bed can help you with regulating your internal temperature, then you are less likely to struggle with Raynaud’s phenomenon and anyone can end up with the condition.

Keeps You Comfortable

The fact of the matter is when you wear socks to bed, you are going to be comfortable. Aside from the socks helping you achieve internal temperature regulation, they are so comfortable to wear. And your socks will keep your feet from reacting from the thermostat changing overnight. That is what can wake you up if you don’t wear socks. Wearing socks helps you achieve the comfort you need.

It Becomes Part Of A Bedtime Routine

When you have a bedtime routine, that helps your brain associate what you do in the routine go to bed and fall asleep. You obviously wear socks during the day, but you will need to have socks you wear specifically for bed. Another thing to add to your bedtime routine such as putting on your bedtime socks before hopping into bed can only be helpful.

Now you know why it is important to wear socks to bed each night. Again, don’t wear the same socks to bed that you wear during the day as that can be a concern for hygienic reasons. Have a nice slumber and keep wearing those socks to bed.

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