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Are Your Hands Starting To Look Older? These Are The Reasons Why

You spend so much time making sure that your facial skin appears as youthful as possible as you make sure that you protect your skin with retinol products from UV rays. You also make sure that you use moisturizers on your facial skin to help keep it hydrated which does prevent it from drying and cracking. And you use other oils and other natural facial anti-aging products to make sure that your elasticity stays and that the collagen production sticks as much as it can. You know as you age you don’t produce as much collagen which is why you suffer from aging skin. You may be so focused on your face that you don’t even think about your hands, and how they are aging.

Are Your Hands Starting To Look Older? These Are The Reasons Why

Now, that brings this to the following question: Do you have old hands? If so, why does that happen and what can you do about it? There are several reasons that your hands appear old, but fortunately, you can make your hands appear to be youthful again the same way you can make your face look younger.

Your Hands Have Age Spots

Age spots really don’t have a thing to do with your aging. It has everything to do with sun exposure. If you have had a lot of sun exposure over decades, brown spots on your hands end up showing up. And it usually begins to show up after you turn 50. There are ways to lighten those spots as you will want to get lightening creams from your dermatologist. Creams also that contain two percent of hydroquinone that you get from the drugstore can help reduce the coloring of those spots. But regardless of the cream you use, it should have at least 30 SPF if you are heading out in the sun.

Your Hands Are Crepey

If your face is youthful-looking and smooth but your hands are beginning to look crumpled, then you are dealing with creepy hands. The good news is that you can get retinol creams that you can rub onto your hands in order to help smooth out the skin and to help bring back elasticity into your hands. Therefore, you will end up with younger-looking hands. You can get this cream at the drugstore or you can have your dermatologist prescribe it to you. In fact, it is better if you were to get a prescription retinoid cream so you will know how to use it properly by reaping the benefits and not having to deal with the drawbacks that come with those types of creams.

Your Veins In Your Hands Show

The fact that you have prominent veins in your hands makes it tricky to remove them. You can go for vein removal by having those surface veins removed as the veins deep within your skin will serve its purpose. But that is extremely invasive as you can imagine. Therefore, you can always invest in heavy concealers that will hide unsightly veins without you having to go through any invasive procedures.

Your Skin Is Scaly

If you are struggling with your hands being dry and scaly, then you need to have them moisturized on a regular basis. But you want to get moisturizers that are geared for your hands instead of your face or other parts of your body. There are planet-oil creams that are designed for your hands as well that are sold in drugstores and even supermarkets. Be sure to follow the instructions properly if you end up using one of these hand moisturizers.

Your Nails Are Discolored And Brittle

The skin on your hands may not be so problematic, but your nails could be what makes your hands age. They could be either discolored or brittle or both. Chemical and environmental changes will cause the nails to become brittle and it can also boil down to genetics. However, if you were to take a 2.5 dose of Vitamin B biotin, that can help improve the strength of the nails. You would have to see your doctor about that.

If your nails are discolored, then you will want to make sure you don’t have a fungal infection. But stained nails can be the result of nail polish residue. You can take a wedge of lemon and run it over your nails as the acids will help lighten them.

Therefore, if your hands appear old for any of the reasons stated above, the good news is that there are solutions to those!

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